Thursday, February 27, 2014

Real Live Minecraft

Yes, Owen is wearing a fanny pack to put his finds in. Thanks Mom!

But really, thanks Mom. And Dad. 

This day was probably the highlight of Owen's week. Possibly mine, too. Even with the "short" hike to the cave being not that short at all. Arizona is pretty! And it took moving away to come to that realization.

Owen and Drew both love Minecraft (as I've mentioned repeatedly lately), but it was Owen who came up with the idea to go mining.

He was really hoping for some gold, but plenty of obsidian was an acceptable substitute.

And the pick axes? Home-made by my dad. 

This may be one step away from LARPing, but so much better than a day full of video games. 

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Lindsay Riggs said...

This is the coolest