Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Photo Dump


So many doctor/dentist appointments.
Braces. Poison Oak. And other random things.

 An afternoon on the trolley.
Got frozen yogurt (below), then went to the aquarium.


This lasted about a week.
Owen and Drew are so sloppy with their handwriting, I was having them relearn how to write.

This is one boredom buster that worked.

Love his stance holding his imaginary bat.


Sally is dying to start gymnastics.
Tried out a few gyms.

A letter to Justin that we can't mail because he literally has no address.





Owen, Drew, and Sally did a session of swimming lessons with friends and loved it.
Wish we had done a few more.

Anytime the shower/bath gets turned on, he comes running.

Free Slurpee day.


He picked up that divider and started yelling, "Die! Die! Die!"
Had never heard him do that before (he is not a baby of many words) and now he does it all the time.
I wish it wasn't hilarious, but it is.

Fort Ord park with friends.

Oh blessed moment.

She is the most creative of the bunch. Made this on her own.

3/26                                                                                                  7/16
It only took me a year to update scout patches.
I used to think San Diego won the battle of the patches, but Monterey's is growing on me.

After our hike at Jack's Peak.

Also comes running anytime I open the fridge.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Those Donuts

August stayed home from the baseball game with a babysitter.

He's awesome.

But he's also almost 2.

And after 3 weeks of single parenting, a night off from him was great.

We got home from the game at 1am.

August started my Independence Day off earlier than I was ready for the next day.

Thank goodness for those patriotic donuts.

The rest of July 4 went like this:

Monterey Parade

 Notice how not one of my kids is looking and everyone else is.

Josh is so nice to give Auggie some manly attention in Justin's absence.

 Stole this picture from Cat's Instagram.
This guy was the highlight of the parade.

Monterey Street Carnival
 Went for the last hour and the crowds were gone.
Free. No crowds. Good.


We did our own fireworks in Seaside (where they're legal), then finished up the sparklers at home after our lighter ran out. I mostly sat back and watched while Owen and Drew took over lighting duties.

A's and Blue Jays

(Sarah pic)

(Sarah pic)

(Sarah pic)

I think I've mentioned before that Drew is (randomly) obsessed with the Toronto Blue Jays.

So for his 8th birthday (back in March) he decided he'd rather go to a Blue Jays game than have a party.

Totally fine by me.

The Blue Jays finally came this way to play the Oakland A's on July 3.

And being the holiday weekend, we got fireworks as part of the deal. 

The traffic was horrible (but my friend Sarah's husband, Jeff, drove so I'm not complaining).

The game was great (A's won! Sorry Drew). It was made more fun by friends that came along.

I loved watching Drew watch the game as much as watching the game itself. He was a good sport about his team's loss.

The fireworks show was awesome. Felt that USA pride. We were so happy to see some real fireworks, seeing as Monterey doesn't do any.

In n Out and Krispy Kreme at 11:30 on the way home (neither are available here) were another bonus.

After baseball, fireworks, hamburgers, and donuts we were feeling pretty American.

And pretty stuffed.