Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots of Seconds

This was probably the happiest 1/320 second of our day today.
I wish the other 86,399 and 319/320 seconds were as happy.
But things happened.
Like our power got turned off because of an unpaid bill.
(How am I supposed to pay it if I don't receive it? I always pay bills on time.)
And then I locked us out of our house.
Only to find out hours later that we weren't really locked out at all.
At least this realization came along with the one that our power was back on.
So yay.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prairie Dog Town

I have now completely experienced San Angelo and can move on in peace.

PS There is a prairie dog in this picture.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ulterior Motives

"Mom...I like your dinner."

a few seconds later...

"I like your hair."

Me wondering if Drew is turning over a new leaf...he doesn't freely give out compliments.

a few more seconds later...

"I'm telling you nice things so you'll buy me a toy."

My Secret Weapons

This would be our future house in California!

My family was visiting Errin & Jones in Oceanside last weekend.

My mom and Errin were nice to check out some houses for us.

This is the one I was most excited about from the Craig's List posting.

Errin called me after walking through it and said, "I'm standing in front of your future house."

They were the first ones at the open house and said people were coming nonstop so I had to act fast.

So I did. And they did, too (hand delivering the application fee).

I know it's cause the property manager met them in person that we got the house (hence they're my secret weapons).

So excited!!!

We just get to show up and we have a house. No hotels. No house hunting stress.


PS Justin's class here got cut a month short so we're moving soon...around August 9!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Pie Mix-up

This is me eating the pie I made for Relief Society Enrichment tonight.

I'm eating it because I signed up to bring it to the Monterey 2nd Ward's enrichment, while I'm in the San Angelo 1st Ward.

The sad part is I didn't even realize the mistake until I got to my meeting tonight.

I was 5 minutes late, and when asked where to put my pie was directed to the kitchen.

I found it curious that mine was the only pie (or dessert) there but figured they were all hiding somewhere else I didn't know about since I was late.

At the end, I asked to meet the Allison I had been emailing.

When nobody knew of such a person I finally put it together.

And then laughed a lot.

I am sorry Monterey was 1 pie short, though!

It's probably time I be taken off that email list.

Never Again

Owen looks how I felt after driving home 12 hours in one day (+ 4 hours of stops).
I thought since I did fine doing it in 2 days last time, I could be superwoman and handle it in 1.

WRONG. It was just too long. Too much throw up (Sally). And ya, too long.

Justin had to come back the day the reunion started for his class.

I figured the reunion was worth staying for and driving alone.
It was. But I just need to forget that drive.

The stops were the good part...
Bethany (my sis-in-law) had just made part of the same drive
so she gave us some tips.

The kids loved the Smokey the Bear Museum in Capitan, NM.
Smokey's Grave

And a cute park.

I also loved eating at The Snazzy Pig BBQ in Roswell.

But ya, I learned my lesson.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Cousins after Hyrum's baptism - the kick-off to the reunion.

Scenes from our bi-annual Lunt Family Reunion
This year's was at a cabin in Pinetop, AZ.

The line-up during a Minute to Win It Oreo challenge.

Sharing Veggie Straws with Derek.

Hanging by the horses.

Tyler, Drew, Max, and Sam on our hike.

Smelling a "vanilla tree" (Ponderosa Pine).

They dropped their pine cones on the opposite side of the bridge,
then switched sides to watch them appear.
Sally would've done this for hours.

Making plastic bag ice cream.

Owen, Briant, and Cole working together on their ice cream.

Sally taking Gwen to the horses.

I miss waking up to Gwen saying through her binky, "Hi Lilly (Sally)" in her deep voice.

Mom guarding Dad's hats he lent us for the photo booth
(see that blanket setup in the background).

Ladder ball watchers.

Bonding with Grandma MarJean

Nancy is famous for her love and impersonation of animals.
This scene made me really happy.

As did this one.

The Whole Group
I had to chase down Owen in front of everyone to get him to be in this picture.

We loved all the good food, fun crafts, nightly skits/presentations, and cooler weather.

And the sisters and I survived without husbands (none could make it) thanks to Mom.

We missed Tami and family.
She found out the day the reunion started that she miscarried at 17 weeks.

Thank you Loren & Julie for planning!


Rachel and I set up a little nature photo booth at the reunion.

We brought random props from my mom's dress-ups....
And let people go to town.

Aside: I copied the prop idea from a wedding reception I saw photos of. And I got the blanket hanging from trees idea from some random image I saw when Googling "kissing booth" for Danna's Valentine party back in Feb. Been wanting to do this ever since then! Wish I could claim the idea for my own, but I'm just a copy cat.

Here are some of my favorites:
Sister Rachel w/Drew

Sister-in-law Errin

Errin with Rachel

And again.
Can you tell I just read about taking jumping pictures?

Cousin April, Rachel, Cousin Taylor

Mom with Drew and Nephew Jones

Cousin's daughter Suzanna (does that make her my 2nd cousin?)

Suzanna with Nephew Briant (Drew in the background)

Me, Errin

Nephew Max the Cowhand


Aunt Liesel and Uncle Loren
Why do I think they're about to go rob a bank?

Cousins Sam & Spencer, Drew, Nephews Briant & Max


Brother Cole

My Aunt Sherri & Uncle Clel with (their daughter & my cousin) Stacie and 3 of Stacie's 4 kids

Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Dale

Aunt Mary & Uncle Ned

Sister Karen

Grandpa Lunt & Grandma MarJean

Owen & Rachel

Aunts Julie & Liesel

If 25 pictures aren't enough for you, click here to see the other 156.