Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hurried home from Monterey, took a red-eye to Baltimore,
and spent the weekend with Justin.

Started at Ft McHenry...birthplace of the National Anthem and the flag.

Did I mention we were kid-free?!
We were, thanks to my parents.

While we were checking out flags, they visited our local skate park.

Back to us.
Baltimore has a cool downtown.
Visited the Inner Harbor for shopping, eating, and ship touring.
And porthole peek-a-boo.

Sleeping quarters on the USS Constellation

They continued their fun with fudge pops

and a beach bonfire.
Apparently Mom wasn't so sure about Drew's sand pizza.

We went to a movie!
That never happens.
Saw "X-Men" with no expectations and really liked it.

Next day was spent in DC.
Visited lots and lots of museums.
We'd been there before so we just kind of skimmed a bunch of them.

Sunday included church, lots of HGTV, and some downtown exploring.

We climbed Federal Hill for an awesome view.
Sally discovered the color slide tool and took over editing duties.

Then I flew back home Monday morning (Justin got back today).

Loved it there and loved a little break.
Traveling without kids is so nice...and slightly addicting.

Before Mom & Dad were on their way home, we had to have Point Loma fish & chips.
Sally had me write multiple lists of things she wanted to do with Grandma & Grandpa.
And they did it ALL.

They are some lucky kids.

We are, too.

Super grateful for an awesome weekend away and that our kids didn't miss us at all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Took longer than it should have, but finally got to visit the Monterey area again!
Shawna and her family were visiting from VA so it gave me the excuse.
Justin was training for work in MD so the rest of us went up for a couple days.

We went strait to a new spot Danna found in Carmel Valley on the river.

So good to see these faces!

Amanda S was out of town...sad to not see her,
but awesome to get to stay in her amazing house.

I love her backyard hedges.
The kids loved the see-through shower.
Drew wants to live there for "20 years."
I could handle that.

That night...a backyard hot dog and s'more roast at Danna's.

Bright & early the next morning, we did the Garrapata trail.
Just driving to it was amazing.
Forgot how beautiful it is there.

While Owen & Drew explored the trail,

the girls shared some Chapstick.

Rushed straight to Danna's afterwards for a potluck lunch.
Those girls know how to do potlucks.
LOVED seeing so many people and meeting some new babies.

Water fight after lunch.
Please note Felicity's velvet ensemble.

The observers:

Staying far away from the water:

That night...the farmer's market (where the kids got way too spoiled by Aaron),
and clam chowder on the Wharf.

Wagon Wheel breakfast the next morning.
Oatmeal pancakes even better than I remembered.
Went back for more the next day on my way home.

A quick stop to Hacienda Hay & Feed to see the animals.

Then the newly remodeled Earthbound Farms for raspberries and ice cream.

The parking lot before heading in to the famous Dennis the Menace park.
Felicity loves the boys.

Super quick run around Lover's Point.

Then kayaking the Carmel River.
Craig (our token male) & Danna arranged for this.
It was awesome and it was crazy.
None of us had kayaked before and this was a 7-mile, 3-hour trip.
The river had tree blockages, shallow parts that we had to push the canoe was nuts.
But SO beautiful and I'm so glad we got to do it.

Before we knew what we were getting into:

Wish we had an after picture...goose eggs, scrapes, bruises, and mascara faces.
At the end, we were so exhausted, but it really was amazing.

The kids had been w/babysitters all afternoon.
Drew was happy to finally get to the tire swing he'd been hearing about.

I loved these huge floppy daisy-like flowers.

We fit so much into 2 1/2 days.
It was the best.
Felt like we had never left.
Missed a lot of faces but were way happy to see everyone who was there.
Oh and did I mention we had pretty much perfect weather?
Sunny summer days are not too common there.
We got lucky.
Such a good trip!

Monday, June 20, 2011

He Likes Frogs

He's not quite 8 (the age of pet accountability in our house),
but with the luck of someone moving and his own $5,
Owen now has 2 water frogs: Jango Fett Alan and Boba Fett James.
Wait I think Boba Fett James is now Pacman James.
Either way.

He's been obsessed with frogs/frog books for the last couple months.
But I'm not complaining...this obsession is way better than the Bakugan one.

"I can't stop reading books about amphibians" - Owen, to the librarian

Sunday, June 19, 2011

He's A San Diego Padre

Well, San Diego County anyway.

Justin is an awesome dad.

So are our dads.
And awesome dads make awesome grandpas.

Happy Father's Day to them all!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Box Cars

Moving and Marrying

Drew's preschool friend Benson (to his left; his brother Jeddy is on Drew's right) just moved.

We might be seeing more of him, though...he loves Sally and wants to marry her when she's 4.

Outer Space

Took just the boys to Disney for the day on Monday.
Had to go again before we're blocked out for the summer.

3 hour line for the new Star Tours.
It was awesome, but no ride is worth 3 hours.

Space Mountain (everyone's favorite hands down).
Drew thought we were really in Outer Space.
Owen thought his face skin was gonna fall off and loved the music.

Nice people that saved our spots in line.

Fireworks finale from Small World boat.

Got to do all the bigger rides thanks to Errin keeping Sally for the day.
She had fun swimming, finding lizards,
and reading books/whispering in Jones' bed during naptime.