Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Keep Getting Older

I thought turning 30 was cool.
But not so sure about 31 or 32.
At least it was a good day.

Had breakfast at Beach Break Cafe with Sarah, Elyse, and Errin.
(banana crunch french toast is amazing)

Then Errin & I took the kids to the Flower Fields.

Been waiting for those things to blossom ever since we moved here!
I think it takes them 10 months of work for 10 weeks of flowers.

Ranunculuses don't smell, but we can pretend.

The sweet pea maze.

Then after a little me time...ended the day with dinner at BJs with my family,
Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a happy Easter weekend.

Other than Drew missing a belt and wearing black ankle socks...
we looked good in our Easter Sunday best.

Didn't get any pictures,
but we'll be wearing the exact same stuff for Jason & Candace's wedding...
this weekend!

It Happens Every Time

Every time I eat a mango I think of Grandma Lunt.

I don't buy them thinking...oh these remind me of Grandma!
But without fail, every time I take a bite
I remember tasting one for the first time in her kitchen when I was like 10.

So it made me happy when I was randomly eating a mango this morning,
just after talking to Owen about Jesus' resurrection,
and how families can be together forever because of His sacrifice.

And then suddenly I was tearing up over my little mango.

I like how things happen.
I'm grateful to randomly be reminded of my grandma on Easter.
And so grateful that my family is forever.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's His Birthday

It's just an itty bitty Shuffle.
But it's waterproof!
(so he can enjoy some lunch-time laps)

Wish I had a picture of him trying it out in the bathtub.

Happy Birthday little fish!

PS It's her birthday, too.

She may be Queen, but does she have a waterproof Shuffle?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


She's a flamingo when it comes to cruising on her scooter.

Science Day

An explosive day at preschool.


We got a last minute visit from Erica (sis-in-law) and her roomie Yamina.
As in, they called at midnight Saturday and got here 8 hours later.
It was a short visit...but fun to see them.
The kids especially love visitors.
And I was flattered with their offer of 50 cents per day to cook for them.
Wait, that's a compliment, right?

Last week was Spring Break.
It included:

Legoland water park.

Balboa Park museums (free Tuesday during spring break wasn't smart).

Disneyland (where Sally got new jeans for wetting her pants on the tram 1st thing).

(we like to make our kids go on the Matterhorn)

And the movie "Hop" (definitely a renter).

I just noticed all my parenthesis comments make the week sound not good.
But overall it was!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Digital Photography Book

Why am I just now reading this book?
Drew & I are learning a lot.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pool Not Necessary

A Stitches Story

Owen got 3 stitches in his fingertip.

My poppies are prettier than the stitches.

The stitches are there because of a bike crash.
Drew's handlebar jammed into his finger.

Owen dreaded the thought of stitches.
So we said a prayer that he wouldn't need them
(but it was pretty obvious that he would).
So I added that if he DID need them,
that he wouldn't feel any pain while getting them,
and that the doctor would do her best.

That prayer was answered.

There was pain during the numbing but that was it.

If we hadn't prayed, he still might not have felt pain.
And the doctor still might have done her best.
But then I wouldn't have felt the Spirit comforting me throughout it all.

We had a similar experience a few months ago during
Owen's dentist visit to remove a cracked tooth.
It turned into oral surgery when the tooth had to be removed
(more like yanked out) in tiny pieces.
The dentist was sweating,
I was tense (he was laying on me so I heard every little sound),
but Owen held so still, and didn't make a peep (not normal for him).
Prayers were answered then, too.

Praying works and I'm grateful for it.


Although I am obviously thinking I'm hot in this picture,
I won't be buying any more discounted Botox coupons through Groupon.

There's a reason those places have to offer awesome deals.

I'll just pretend it was a fun experience and enjoy the next 3-4 months
with my slightly Angelina-ish lips.

Post Edit
That was obviously my April Fool's joke.
Not that I fooled anyone.

Here is the picture before Lindsey got her photo-shopping hands on it.