Friday, May 29, 2015

5th Grade Promotion

 This cardboard tunnel was so funny to me.
All these 5th graders were crawling through it like kindergarteners.
And those poor girls in dresses!
Cute concept, though.

5th Grade Promotion was the day before the last day of school.
 Owen is no longer a Falcon and will now be a Breaker at the middle school.
(assuming Justin finds a job here and we get to stay)

You can't see Owen in this picture, but ALL the 5th graders made a human tunnel
for one of their classmates in a wheelchair to go through.

 Auggie totally thinks he's one of the big kids.
Goes crazy around them, and then around kids his own age he gets all shy.

Future Breakers!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


 It doesn't get much cuter than a 1st grade talent show.
Those little kids were so brave and funny.
And some were even talented.
Sally, Jasmine, and Tes jump-roped to the song, "Jump" by Kriss Kross.
It was pretty awesome, even though Sally was having major jump-rope malfunctions.

Auggie even sat still for a minute.

After the show, we stayed for Sally's class kickball game.
 This picture makes me laugh.
Sally in shorts and a t-shirt and that kid next to her all bundled up.
It really was not that cold.

It was fun to see Sally in the dugout for once.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Falcon Fest


Falcon Fest is an end-of-the-school-year party.
Part field day, part carnival.
The kids love it.
Owen, being a 5th grader, didn't get to come out till I was leaving (big kids got the last shift).
Wish I could've stayed to see him more and to see Drew sing "Uptown Funk" on karaoke.

As I was leaving, I noticed this sign in the parking lot:
"Its" is missing an apostrophe and it's driving me crazy.
So tempted to go Sharpie one in.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ready for Battle

Nakedness behind that shield.

Wish I like laundry as much as him.

This looks like a sweet picture of a brother and sister reading scriptures together.
But really, Drew was holding his scriptures for Sally because he didn't want her to touch them.
And I was clearly over it.

A good-bye hug from Pappa.

What started out as some cute red lips, ended on a darker note.

He set himself up for failure by trying to jump by that scooter.

The kids take turns doing the recycling to earn money.
I told Sally to load up the bags and I came out to find her like this.

Auggie wanted a turn.

Just a little bit proud that I've passed on my love of sunflower seeds.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Garrapata + Bixby Bridge + Hollobaughs

 Gracie barks at every single dog, big or small.

And since I'm taking pictures of dogs, might as well add some birds...


It was fun coming back here in a new season.

The wild calla lilies were dying, but everything was so green.

Loved the new, orange wild flowers (in the background above).

Sally's illegal wildflower bouquet:

At Bixby Bridge, we risked our lives running out to the bench in the middle.


Justin and his dad were the only ones brave enough to walk partway down the trail to the ocean.

We still haven't made it to the bottom. One day!