Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luxury Accommodations

We just got back from a weekend getaway staying old bedroom!

K this is where we stay pretty much every time we visit AZ, but it makes me happy.

Growing up, we had creative freedom with two main things: our hair and our rooms.

So I, with the help of my friends, painted ALL over my walls: a rainbow, a cupid-themed headboard, butterflies, a huge tree, a coat rack, and even a short-lived (freaky) alien.

Lots has been painted over since I left, but when some of my flowers got painted over, Mom got sad.

I love that she enlisted the help of my friend Debbie, who lives down the street, to paint some new flowers.

The 2 in the middle are Debbie's new creations. The others are originals. I painted the basic shape of the outer ones and then Debbie made them look good. 

Sad I didn't get to see Debbie (or any friends for that matter) in person this time around, but between a wedding, a funeral, and lots of family time it was a good weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Belly Obsessed

Wide-eyed Sally can be seen running up to my belly yelling, "BABY!!!!!" then rubbing, shaking, and hugging it all day long.

He's gonna come out with his dukes up.


Justin's battalion had a luau on Wednesday to say goodbye to their commanding officer, Lt Col Parry.

Lt Col chose 4 people out of 720 in the whole battalion to receive a NAM
(Navy Achievement Medal).

Justin was one of them.

He does awesome at his job.

I love that he was wearing shorts and flip flops while receiving his award on the beach.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now What?

 Drew's favorite position.

 Cheering for Owen (his cousin Ellis)

Last Game Day

Baseball ended Saturday and I kind of don't know what to do with myself.
It has consumed our lives pretty much this whole 2nd semester of school
and I'm actually going to miss it (well for Owen anyway).

Owen's team (who did pretty decent all season) got eliminated from play-offs immediately
(lost their first 2 games in the double elimination tournament).
It was a bummer.
But Owen loved the season and learned so much.
He started out knowing literally nothing, and ended up being pretty consistent.
He said he wants to play forever and get better and better.
I love that he found something that he loves and is excited about.
I'm going to miss his cute little self in that uniform.

Drew was excited to start playing, but got over it quick.
He basically stuck it out cause we made him and he wanted a trophy.
At the end of the season party, his coach gave way thoughtful comments and advice to each player.
To Drew, he complimented his great smile (which he really does have)
and advised him to work on his throwing, catching, and wearing his hat right.
Ha ha.
Drew said no more sports for him (2 trophies is enough).
He just wants to start Tiger Cub Scouts ASAP.
Hoping his mind changes on that one over the summer.

Post Edit
Owen's league just had their closing ceremonies on Sat, June 2.
Here's Owen showing off his medal.
 And did I mention his coach told him he was the fastest one on the team?
He's so speedy!

In Non-Baseball News

 We visited the library.
They spent the entire time on the computer.
(and Errin taught me how to do cute buns in Sally's hair)

 I met some Monterey friends in San Clemente at Califia Beach.
I love my friends and seeing new beaches.
And yes, I have no business being in pictures for the next 6-12 months.

Loved Califia Beach.
 The kids spent most of their time in this tunnel (and loved watching the train that went over it).
Don't ask what Drew was doing in there.

Friday the boys had fathers and sons.
Sally and I joined Brent & Errin's family for a scooter ride on the boardwalk.
This picture of Jones and Sally frolicking along the beach is all I have to represent both adventures
(which also included a yummy dinner at Felix's BBQ with Soul).

Justin said the boys had fun but he did not like their location at all (right by a road/train/pot smokers).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's Day

I'm thankful for these guys (Imaginext creatures excluded) and their dad.

They made my day special
(including cute cards, gifts, extra-helpfulness, and breakfast for breakfast AND dinner).

 Drew is not thankful for my wrist in his face.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

An Extra Cousin

 Karen and Gwen were in town over the weekend.

Gwen got a little taste of California cousin life and it appears she liked it.

We kind of did, too.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

3 to 1

Drew, the one who was most wanted a baby brother, is getting his little heart's desire.

Sally looks sad about about the news, but she was surprisingly not.
(she had been calling the baby a girl and "X'd" out the possibility of it being a boy)

All the kids are excited.

Justin & I were hoping for a girl, but we're getting excited for a boy, too.

I loved that the whole family got to be in the room when we found out.

Now onto name choosing!
(zero front runners so far)