Sunday, April 29, 2012

One of Those People

 I've turned into one of those people that takes most of my pictures with my phone camera.
So this is what I have to show for my birthday week.

Went to Beach Break for breakfast with some friends (above).
Sound familiar? That's what I chose last year, too.
It's my favorite.
They have a new location @ the Oceanside Harbor that was fun.
And since our waiter couldn't understand why we would choose an ocean background over a restaurant one, I borrowed his hat to show where we were.

The rest of my birthday was spent shopping, eating,
going to Owen's baseball game, and then eating some more.
Love watching his games.
They were nice to win for me that day.

Justin was supposed to have my birthday off, but due to a mix-up at work he had to go in.
So we went to Disneyland the next day.
It wasn't very crowded so we got to do some rides that we normally avoid.

This was our very first time doing the Casey Jr. Train.

A pleasant first.

An unpleasant first was the ferris wheel at California Adventure.
 We chose riding in a gondola that swings.
It brought Owen to tears and made Justin sick.
Sally was trying so hard to be tough but it got to her, too.
Drew and I were the only ones that could handle it, but even so...don't ever need to do that again.

Friday met some Monterey friends at the beach.

And Saturday had dinner with them, too.

And now I'm wishing I had another birthday this week.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

He Had a Birthday

Justin's birthday is just another day to him.
But I'm annoying and try to make it special.

Happy 34!
(PS You might finally be looking like you're in your late 20's!)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Our free spring break thanks to:

Carlsbad State Beach

Environmental Nature Center
(where we caught crawdads then learned we weren't supposed to be doing that there)

Centennial Farm

Orange County Great Park
(where Owen's fear of heights got to him and he bolted right before our turn to ride the balloon)

Shaw's Cove

If I could just add gas, Crab Cooker, and Cafe Rio to that list,
our week would've been complete (in the free department).

Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Hoppy Easter

Egg Coloring

Beach Hunt

Someone had left an Easter-y design for us.

The hunting arena:

Hiding the eggs was way too much fun.

They got a head start.

This was so worth all the sandy eggs and baskets.


The only picture I had time for before church.
And seeing as the kids strip down in the car on the way home,
this is all I have to represent our Sunday best.
And no, Justin, Sally's dress is not from Colorado City.

Pretend Owen is in there.

Church was really good.
Loved watching "He Is Risen" as a family afterwards.
Ending our day w/dinner at Brent & Errin's wasn't so bad, either.

We had a lovely Easter weekend.
Wait, no a hoppy Easter weekend.
(Sorry, can never resist that one).
Hope you did, too.