Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Starring Role

Sam (my friend's husband and ex co-worker) just sent me the link to this commercial I was in from back in the day (2001) when I worked for LJW Advertising.

I can't stop laughing.

My hair!
My interest in what Uncle Sam has to say!

I probably need an agent after this.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jason + Candace

Jason, my little Ninja Turtle shirt wearing brother from a few post's ago, is getting married!
He is marrying Girl Jason.
But really her name is Candace.
They are two peas in a pod.
I'm happy for him.
And am excited for an awesome new sister in law.

PS I want her teeth.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing Nice

Sometimes they play nice together.
No video games.
Using their imagination.
And it makes me happy.


Justin got tickets to watch the U.S. Men's soccer team play Chile for Christmas.
Not sure what was more entertaining, the fans or the game.
It was fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pooh Corner

Owen & Drew had their first trip to Disneyland.
And pretty much all I have to show for it are some pictures from Pooh Corner.

Oh ya and some clubbing.
(dancing to the Tron dance music at California Adventure)

And Drew being cheesy once again.

I'm a failure.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speaking of Kevin Johnson

This is the very first picture I took with my very first camera.
I was 12.
Jason was 3 or 4.
He is in the middle of saying, "Kevin Johnson."
That would be because I made him say that.
I wanted my first picture to be special.

In case you don't know, this is Kevin Johnson:
Had this card and poster.
And I was in love with him.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Close to Home

Nice to know we don't have to drive 45 minutes to Point Loma for tide-pooling.
Found some so close to home (thanks for the tip Evaly).
Happy MLK day to us!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm enjoying a visit to France.

Wish the visit was in person (lucky Tami gets to go in Feb!).
But until then, I'm taking the trip via this book:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Safe

This safe was one of Owen's Christmas presents.
I like that it has guards.
And that he leaves the key in it.

The safe used to be mine.

My dad made it for me when I shared a room with
Tami and Karen, and needed a space of my own.

I kept my collections in there.
My key-chain collection.
My worry doll collection.
And most importantly, my Kevin Johnson basketball cards.

It has been passed down to a few of my siblings.
Not sure who all had it, but I know someone used it for tithing and savings.
I know this because:

Cole was the last to use it.
He stored his precious gerbil food in there.

Somewhere along the line the key got lost.
So Genius Dad made the lock fit a random key he had.

And now Owen uses it for his money, silly bands, Lego Minifigures,
and a ring he got from Sally.

It makes him happy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part Girl/Part Cat

This is Sally being Nightwisp.

She is Nightwisp most mornings and nights.

And even though her cat noises sound nothing like a cat,
I'll take this any day over having one as a pet.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Disney for Felicity

We had a lovely day at Disneyland celebrating Felicity's birthday.
It was the girls' first time.
And Danna and I hadn't been in 8-9 years.
We were all so excited, don't mind Sally's face.

compared shoes with Jasmine.


(and got loud speaker-ed for breaking carousel rules)

pretended we were 16.

borrowed Felicity's camera.

got dizzy.

were obsessed with lip gloss.

got prime boat seating.

ate princess chocolate.
(that & Sally's scarf were a few of the things in the cute goody bags Danna put together)

And lots more.

It was a really good day.
Sally and Felicity were so fun together.
They've grown up so much in the 9 months since we left Monterey.

Happy birthday Felicity!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Next Day

They are playing ladder ball.

Derek is playing nut ball.

Rachel is the best aunt.
Drew is almost 5 and likes baby swings.

The rest need no words.
Last night we were talking about New Year's resolutions.
Drew wants to get better at wearing his Batman capes and playing with his toys.

Owen wants to get better at making people laugh.
He will do this "by being funnier."

K I'm done talking now.
Oh except I need to apologize to Rachel.
Rachel, I'm sorry the only New Year's kisses you got were from a racket.

Best aunt.

Hi Dad!

We had a most enjoyable New Year's Day at the park and beach.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year!
My New Year's resolution is to do as many stupid things as possible.
So it only made sense to jump in the ocean at midnight.

Before starting my new year of stupidity,
I had a very not stupid New Year's Eve.

My family is visiting from AZ.
We visited Point Loma lighthouse and the nearby tide pools.
(lighthouse in the background)

That new face (far right) is Jason's main squeeze, Candace.

I have so missed tide-pooling since leaving Monterey.
Cole found a sea slug or 2.

Drew was reunited with his hermit crab friends.

We found a Derek in this tide pool!
He earned $5 for jumping in.

Those shells on Owen's shoes are suctioned to them.

Point Loma Lighthouse

View from the lighthouse.

Then we ate at Point Loma Seafoods.
Loved the fish and chips.
And that's coming from seafood's least greatest fan.

New Year's Eve festivities:
We had our own spin on the king's cake tradition.
Cole found the first walnut hidden in the cake, so he became King for the night.
He chose Drew as his Queen.
(notice that light? my dad hung 2 over our dining table and we can now see what we're eating. it's lovely)

Derek found the second hidden walnut.
And unfortunately for him, he became Cole's servant for the night.
It was everyone's worst nightmare, being Cole's servant.

I kicked Brent's bootie in Boggle.
And everyone's for that matter.

Lots of food.

Just Dance 2.

And then the plunge.
It was like 39 degrees outside...the water was probably about the same.
And just because you wanted to see this picture again:

5 of my 7 siblings plus 1 sibling-in-law.

Justin had duty so he missed all the partying.
Did I ever mention he was gone for 3 weeks in December?
He did an Arabic refresher course in Utah.
It was not fun having him gone.
Especially with all the holiday festivities.
But at least he was home for Christmas.
And he's home now.

And I got off track.

Happy 2011!