Thursday, August 29, 2013

KOA Santa Margarita

We met our Carlsbad friends, the Laytons, in Santa Margarita last weekend for a little camping.

It works out, cause everyone has a buddy:
Sally and Jacob.

Drew and Dax.

Owen and Gavin.
(kelli pic)

and Reed and August.

This was our first KOA experience and it was a good one.

Our site was on it's own little level (so felt private) and was right across from the jumping pillow.

We split up meal duty and ended up eating better than we normally do at home.

Saturday, we took advantage of all KOA's activities and amenities.
(kelli pic)

 Indian survival skills demo.
(kelli pic (i was on baby nap duty))

The pool.

The snack shack for ice cream.

The favorite: water balloon volleyball.

The playground.

Another favorite: the jumping pillow.

And a hayride.

The view at the top was pretty awesome.

All this, and the fact that the kids were just so happy to be together, made up for:
the heat
the flies
the bees
the filth
the long walk to the bathrooms
and the lack of sleep.

 Until next year!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Randoms

Justin ran across the street for a second while August was napping.
Walking back to the house he noticed the blinds in his room moving.

Most definitely not napping.

Boy power at Dennis the Menace Park.

Banana shakes w/Tes after kindergarten.
(thanks for the picture, Sarah)

Family night at the beach.

A happy moment.

And an unhappy one.
Which we've had too many of thanks to never-ending teething.

And last but not least, Drew and the weapons of mass destruction he found on a bike ride with Justin.

Love this picture Justin took w/his phone on their ride.

PS Sally decided to give herself some bangs.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The Concours was this weekend, which meant lots of fun car sightings throughout the week.

Loved the miniature car show in downtown PG.

Little Rascals.


That guy and his birds are everywhere.

Then yesterday after trying to see some fancy cars at the wharf,
we caught the end of the Concours d'LeMons.

It was the exact of opposite of everything Concours d'Elegance.

Elegance = exclusive, expensive, fancy, in Pebble Beach.
LeMons = free, in a park next to Chili's.

Some of the cars were awesome.

And then there were others.

Okay, those are awesome, too.

Inside that camo limo:
It had some amazing details.

LeMons obviously had (not) a huge budget for signage.

We loved this little show and fit right in.
And then we went to Chili's.