Sunday, August 04, 2013

It's Better than Sea World

I couldn't wait one more day to get aquarium passes.
We went kind of spur of the moment after my work on Wednesday.
Then were back again on Thursday.
I love that place and am excited for the summer crowds to die down.

Day 1, we left August at home with Justin (who doesn't share our love for the aquarium, "if you've seen one fish you've seen them all.")

But day 2 he got to come for his first time.
I took him out of the stroller for the baby section in the splash zone and he was in heaven.
They have this little water bed that's surrounded by bubbling walls.
He was in some sort of zone and just laid there so mellow, even when another kid was bouncing around.
And he is not a still, calm child.
I need this at home.


Lindsay Riggs said...

We are so jealous of your life right now! Especially your aquarium passes! That place is the bomb and that baby area is sweet!!

Rachel said...

I want more pictures! And I can't wait to take Jacob to that aquarium :)

Jaime said...

My aquarium passes expire next month. I hope I can get back there to use them once more. I love it there! Glad you can go.

The Watkins said...

Gray just saw these and said, "August is so big." He totally is. And I love that face where he pulls his lips in.