Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer of Swim

Right before he realized he hated swim lessons.
Took a couple of patient teachers and a generous bribe from Sarah before his hate turned to love.


The other kids took lessons too and I got super flattering pictures of them.


Last day of lessons (no idea who the kid on the end by Drew is).
I love that they all ended up loving lessons (and did awesome).
Swim might be almost as fun to watch as baseball.

Week 24-25

First Father's Day we've spent with Justin in 4 years.
Which means it was his first Father's Day with Auggie, ever.
Owen had just gotten back from a week at scout camp, so he gave Justin an arrow he made there.
I took the other 3 to Ace Hardware hoping to find something fun.
Sure did.
Sally got him a hide-a-key rock.
Drew, a back scratcher.
And Auggie, a laser light meant for pets.
So basically he hit the jackpot.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 23: Woodland Fairy Party

Sarah threw a Woodland Fairy Party for Tes's 8th birthday. This has nothing to do with my week 23 photo prompts, but I've been a failure at that, so I'm just making these party pictures count.

The party was magical and included:
- a dress for each girl to wear (plus a hula hoop/sheet changing room)
- fairy doors attached to the trees and supplies for the girls to make fairy gardens around the doors (the gardens/doors were left behind in the forest for others to enjoy)
- a naked cake with a fairy jar topper
- Fairy jars were given to the girls as invitations and used as decor around the trees
- That hanging fixture is what Sarah created from the weeds we chopped down the other amazing
- Fairy door necklaces for the girls as party favors

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Week 22

Back to Work

(taken 5.31)

Friday, June 03, 2016

The Beach

June 1 at Asilomar

We're almost done with week 1 of summer and we've gone to the beach almost 4 times.
(planning on going later today)

It's been overcast and cold and we just go anyway.

And it's great.

May and Stuff

She chose Rachel as her favorite person to write about in class.

He was quietly hiding behind our front yard bushes while I was crazily looking for him.

Scoping out Ribera Beach for a future photo location.
Sarah likes when I take attractive pictures of her like this...

...and this:
But after Ribera Beach we drove all over Carmel Valley looking for weeds to chop down.
Sarah is making a giant hanging of sorts for Tes's woodland fairy birthday party.

He slept through the whole weed-chopping escapade.

Sally's class got to go on an awesome field trip to SLEWTHS.
(Science Learning and Exploration with the Help of Sea Lions)
They care for rescued sea lions who wouldn't otherwise survive in the wild.
Everyone got a kiss (including me) and the kids got to do tricks with them.
Videos below.

Drew spent a Saturday afternoon hiking and outdoor cooking with the scouts.
Amy (in green) is the most amazing Cub Scout Master.
She just moved away...sad day.
Mother's Day

Drew had the whole primary dabbing to "Do As I'm Doing."
Really wished I could've stopped playing the piano to film.

Not much better than a warm day, french fries, and the beach.
Sorry kids who were at school.

Baseball season ended for both boys, but I only took pictures at Drew's last game.
Both teams were eliminated first round in play-offs.
It was a bummer!
I get depressed when baseball is over every year.

Volunteered for a couple hours at Falcon Fest.
I got assigned the potato sack race station.

with Kenzi

4th graders in the sand box.

These 3 karaoke'd to "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes."

How the boys did fathers and sons.
(hotel, swimming, Dave & Busters)
Sally and I went shopping and to a movie (Angry Birds).

Drew's team party at Mountain Mike's.

Spied on the front porch.

Drew chose to be Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, for wax museum day.
I tried to talk him out of such an unrecognizable character, but was glad he insisted.
The dude is actually pretty interesting and that balloon saved the day.
And we now know that balloons are NOT allowed at school.

Spied out front.

Sally's first piano recital.
She played, "In Summer" from Frozen.

He is obsessed with moths and picks them up by the wings whenever they're resting on our house.

We received a fun package in the mail from a friend in Austria.
Auggie is obsessed with those weird egg-opening videos on YouTube.
These chocolate eggs made his day.
And the hazelnut wafers made mine.

Sally and friends did a glass fusion art class.

Last day of school.
This year FLEW.

Not sure it's possible to top Ms. D as a teacher.
Sally had the best year in her "Sea Otter Sanctuary."

Drew started off the year not wanting to be in Mrs. Serpa's class, but the year got much better.
I think I even saw a tear in his eye before taking this picture.

How we have to eat ice cream in Monterey (by the heater).

Barbecue and water balloon fight at the Brown's.

Memorial Day spent at the park...

 ...and the beach.