Sunday, January 25, 2015


My mom called Wednesday afternoon, after Derek and Loren had left, to ask if I'd seen the picture on the inside cover of the new February Ensign. My dad had recognized the spot from our pictures and wanted to see if it was the same place. Most definitely WAS the same place! So awesome.

Took Sally back yesterday because it's the best, the weather was perfect, and the boys just wanted to hang out with friends at home. 

The waves were amazing.

 Don't worry, she didn't pick those flowers.
Was just happy to find them left behind by someone else who did the dirty work.

Der Der + Lo Lo

 Derek and Loren spent the last half of their "babymoon" (before Henry is born) here last week.

We met at Big Basin State Park to find some redwoods.

It was so pretty.
But it's hard to top Northern California in the redwoods department.

So for me, this trip was all about the mushrooms.

Ok, some trees, too.

On our way home we went to the Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz.
You're looking at the best fresh mint 'n chip ice cream ever.
Topped with salted caramel chocolate.
In a home-made waffle cone.
And toasted marshmallow fluff on top.

1/19 - MLK Day

Kids had to go back to school the next day.
(and I wasn't complaining - Justin was doing reserves at Camp Pendleton and they had been pretty crazy).

 We had the best day at Bixby Bridge, Garrapata, Point Lobos, and Tommy's Wok. 
Bixby Bridge in Big Sur.

This place isn't ugly.

 Wild calla lilies, and extra muddy mud, at Garrapata.

After school, we put off homework and went to the Lover's Point tide pools.
Derek pried that sucker off a rock.
So hideous and awesome at the same time.
Can't believe people love to eat those.
Loren found a great abalone shell, too.
We never find either of those ourselves.


Before Derek and Loren left to catch their flight, we had to go to the aquarium.
(picture credit goes to Loren)

At first I questioned Derek and Loren spending part of their kid-free trip in our house full of kids.
But I'm glad they did.
We got fun visitors and they got to see this pretty, pretty place.
(and after our mad house, they'll probably appreciate their quiet house with little Jackson even more)

In January

Not even sure what this setup is about, but they were out there for hours.

Drew was teaching Auggie how to pray before school.

This was on one of my work days and literally seconds after Justin walked out the door for school.
He likes to pour his own milk.

Saturday morning cartoons and wrestling.

Tide pools and a beach tea party with Mr. Potato Head glasses.
This January has had the best weather.


Owen and Drew take the trash out to the curb for pick up every week.
Only this last week, Drew somehow got confused and brought back the FULL can Owen had just taken out. Mind boggling.
Auggie has a full week of trash stomping ahead.

We both needed a nap yesterday and so we took one! Together.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Days in Our Lives

This was way back in November from a scout campout Owen went on with the Boy Scouts.
They went to Limekiln in Big Sur.
I've been wanting to go there forever...jealous.

Justin got super cheap tickets to a college football game in San Jose.
Met his Uncle Wayne there.
This is where he (and Josh and Jeff) were when we went to to Streets of Bethlehem.

Oh just a selfie from when Justin did a week of reserves at Camp Pendleton.

And just eating string cheese on the counter before bed.

This is the club house Sally built for her and Tes.

Fancy sea kelp.

I took the boys ice skating in downtown Monterey with the Wades.
It was Owen and Drew's first time and they totally loved it.
Drew fell down nonstop and got up with a huge smile each time.

A good hair day.

Good old Dennis the Menace park.

Last day of Christmas break - got a good beach day.

I don't love this picture, but I do love that dentist and that they take pictures on 1st visits.
August did so great.
He freaks out when I try to brush his teeth, and was awesome for the dentist.


 Just giving the windows a good cleaning.

Rode bikes with these boys to Pavel's.
I like taking boys to bakeries.

A friend, Josie, introduced me to this journal and I love it.
I seriously look forward to writing every day.
It's therapy.

Did I really expect any thing other than this when I bought letter cookies?
At least Owen knows how to spell.