Sunday, January 25, 2015


My mom called Wednesday afternoon, after Derek and Loren had left, to ask if I'd seen the picture on the inside cover of the new February Ensign. My dad had recognized the spot from our pictures and wanted to see if it was the same place. Most definitely WAS the same place! So awesome.

Took Sally back yesterday because it's the best, the weather was perfect, and the boys just wanted to hang out with friends at home. 

The waves were amazing.

 Don't worry, she didn't pick those flowers.
Was just happy to find them left behind by someone else who did the dirty work.


Evaly said...

So pretty!!

Torgersons said...

So dang beautiful!

Lindsay Riggs said...

So incredible!!

The Watkins said...

Someone should be paying you. That is how amazing you are.

My Shell said...

Ohh I love Sally's hair in the lighting! Lovely place! Thanks for sharing your secret.