Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Bay

How do you drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and not take a picture?
I've seen the bridge a few times, but this was my first time driving across it.
Loved it.

 Foggy view from the other side.

 Behind that fog was a really pretty view of the San Francisco skyline.
That city is so crazy to drive in, but I love the feel of being there.

On the other side of the bridge, we turned off to the Marin Headlands. 
That kid didn't sleep the entire drive up, and then was knocked out in Sarah's arms almost instantly.
(didn't last long, though)

This place was so beautiful.
And crazy how close it was to the busy, busy city and bridge, yet felt so removed and peaceful.

 On our walk to Point Bonita lighthouse, there were amazing views of the bridge.

 Cool little tunnel through a mountain to get to the lighthouse.

 And there's the lighthouse.

 Up in that area is Battery Mandell, used in WWI and II.

 You know Justin loved exploring that place.
(the lighthouse is super tiny in the background of this picture)

 After a disgusting lunch (Justin nicknamed the kids' food tapeworm chicken),
we crossed back over the bridge and visited the Sutro Baths.

Made it just in time for sunset.

Christmas break was pretty low-key with no traveling or visitors.
Justin had a huge 20-page paper due, and by the time he finished that, I had to work.
So this day was needed and made me happy.
Loved seeing new places with our friends and awesome neighbors.

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The Watkins said...

That sunset picture is amazing with the reflection. You are so good Shauna. I desperately want to do a San Fran trip! And Sally's little friend is killing me! She is such a little poser on that green bridge...hilarious! :)