Thursday, February 27, 2014

Real Live Minecraft

Yes, Owen is wearing a fanny pack to put his finds in. Thanks Mom!

But really, thanks Mom. And Dad. 

This day was probably the highlight of Owen's week. Possibly mine, too. Even with the "short" hike to the cave being not that short at all. Arizona is pretty! And it took moving away to come to that realization.

Owen and Drew both love Minecraft (as I've mentioned repeatedly lately), but it was Owen who came up with the idea to go mining.

He was really hoping for some gold, but plenty of obsidian was an acceptable substitute.

And the pick axes? Home-made by my dad. 

This may be one step away from LARPing, but so much better than a day full of video games. 

Arizona Science Center

Owen and Drew were not thrilled about the thought of going to this museum.
I miss the days when they had no say it what we did.
But of course they ended up loving it.
And I loved downtown Phoenix.

 In the above pictured game, whoever was the most calm won.
Drew reigned it in and was the winner every time.

Owen took a spin on the sky bike.

 And Sally and Gwen relaxed on a bed of nails.

Then Karen colored and cut (at least 6 inches off) my hair.

Candace and I found some fun stuff at Last Chance while the kids played @ the church during scouts.

And then...more fast food!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We met my sister-in-laws Erica, Sara (plus Payten & Grayson), and Bethany (plus Gavin & Drake) for some fishing.

Owen caught SEVEN. Compared to Erica's one and everyone else's zero. Oh Sally, had one bite but it got away.

Bethany and I spent most of the time keeping Auggie and Drake away from the water.

Sally had fun, but that lip was giving her too much trouble. The whole trip. Even had to get her on antibiotics because her whole cheek and even eye were swelling.

Then we had more fast food.

One more (mostly) happy day to our week.

PS Earlier that day we went to the library to get a museum pass. And then the kids chose a bunch of books, most of which never got read. Here, Owen is in the mining section (obsessed with Minecraft).
After that, my mom and Owen went to visit Sister Dyer and her enormous rock collection. Owen of course loved it.

Hot February

I know Arizona gets full on hot in April, but February?! We were not prepared for the record heat.

But we spent President's Day outside anyway at the new Riverview Park. Side note: my kids got the whole week off of school for "President's Break." Loved it.

Awesome park, but I have never seen one so crowded in my life.

The only way we survived was thanks to my aunt Denise's huge tent shade.

And popsicles, a splash pad, and drinks from a water gun.

Later in the afternoon the kids were still having fun and the weather was better. So we called more family to come down, Jacob picked up Chick Fil A, and 7 hours later we were finally done.

In that last picture....August was smiling on demand with this big cheesy grin for so long. We were all dying so he kept it up. Total ham. And Jacob is such a great uncle.

Sunday, Sunday



Orange juice made by Rachel and twin nieces, Abbey & Emma. Also, a vintage juicer.
Met nephew Jackson. August had fun exploring him.
Risky Cole on his Ripstick. No harm done.
Some cute and dirty twin nephews.
Emma comforting August.
Sally still smiling pretty despite her lip.