Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arizona Science Center

Owen and Drew were not thrilled about the thought of going to this museum.
I miss the days when they had no say it what we did.
But of course they ended up loving it.
And I loved downtown Phoenix.

 In the above pictured game, whoever was the most calm won.
Drew reigned it in and was the winner every time.

Owen took a spin on the sky bike.

 And Sally and Gwen relaxed on a bed of nails.

Then Karen colored and cut (at least 6 inches off) my hair.

Candace and I found some fun stuff at Last Chance while the kids played @ the church during scouts.

And then...more fast food!


Shannon said...

Can you please adopt me Into your family? The arizona science center looks awsome. We went to the cube in orange county and it was so packed and oddly "hands off" the whole experience was a bust.

Rachel said...

Gwen looks so scared on the nail bed. And Owen looks so confident on the skybike despite his "fear of heights". :) Tell Drew we are kindred spirits because I beat Jacob at that calming brain wave game.

Annie Packard said...

I want of picture of your new hair!