Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Little Rascals



and Darla:

Our Halloween consisted of trunk-or-treat at church
and then some good old fashioned trick-or-treating.

We went around Sarah's neighborhood and then a few houses in our own.

It was fun having people be so excited to see us, having had next to no trick-or-treaters all night.

They were way too generous with candy.

I'm really happy with whoever chose to hand out York Patties...the kids don't like and I love.

Now don't get too scared but here's my wisdom tooth patient.
He got his top 2 wisdom teeth removed yesterday and this is him post-op. The anesthesia had worn off and the pain had set in. Working on the video of him still loopy on whatever drugs they gave him.

Even more scary, than that...
I've seen this on a few sites...had to try it for myself for some weird reason. Owen had fun sticking dry noodles in the hot dogs but nobody would touch the cooked end product.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Real Birthday

I can't wait for Halloween so I can cut that hair!


Took him out of school to have lunch with Justin and me.
We had the park to ourselves.
And yes, our 6-year-old still likes to be pushed on the swing.

You can stick a candle in anything.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Camp Owen

Invites by Sarah L.
She made those cute letters with a branch from her backyard.

Banner by Owen.
100% by him might I add.
I'm glad I fought the urge to do it myself
and let him go at it in his Tom Sawyer painting get-up.

At the party Owen blew out the candles on 6 cupcakes decorated by him and his friends.

A campfire cupcake by Stephanie S.
Green frosting = grass
Jelly beans = fire ring
(couldn't find the rock candy that was suggested online)
Crushed Oreos = dirt
Pretzel Sticks = Wood
Candle = Fire

The boys had their own interpretations.
River, Owen, Landon, Cal, Gavin, and Drew.

Owen's turned out something like this:

It's not camping without roasted marshmallows.

My new favorite idea (also found online)
is to put together pre-packaged s'mores kits.
Saved so much chaos!

I want to write, "A blur of excitement" but I won't.

The party-goers.

Owen wanted to go camping again for his birthday
so that turned into the theme of his party.

We had the party at a campsite at Veteran's Memorial Park.
Only 10 minutes away.
After the guests left, Justin stayed to camp with Owen & Drew.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cell Phone Issues

Derek (my brother) thought he was texting Jason (another brother) but it really went to me .

"I was talking to shauna on the way to school today and she was driving somewhere too and since you can't drive while on the phone in california she pulled over and in the middle of our conversation I hear a cop getting mad at her for pulling over on the freeway to talk haha and just heard her apologize 100 times then she hung up on me."

A) I didn't just hang up on you! I (while trying not to laugh too hard in the cop's face) said I'd call you back later followed by GOOD-BYE.

B) I don't like how in order to avoid a ticket I pulled over to use my phone and got in trouble anyway (no ticket).

C) I do like when I get texts that aren't really supposed to go to me.

D) Do YOU like how I used all our facebook profile pictures? And how my picture is 2 years old? and Sally's getting her first shave via Jason? And how I don't update my facebook, just look at other people's updates?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Book Browsing

I know I just posted a picture of her reading. But this picture makes me happy. This is how I found her in the boys room this morning. She likes her quiet time when they are at school.

P.S. That hat is part of Owen's Halloween costume.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Drew was fascinated
(and singed his hair from getting so close to the heat)

Sally was scared
(wouldn't get near them)

Owen was indifferent
(into Ichabod and Mr. Crane, our Halloween pumpkin carving movie)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Break


Cinnamon rolls finally turning out right
after 2 years of attempting them
(Sally enjoying the frosting)

Frisbee golf
fun but i stink


Power outage due to storm
if this was a test for future emergencies i failed. i need power.

Visiting aquarium during storm
what were we thinking? but hey it had power.

Getting power back 27 hours later

Then nice weather for the beach

10/15 - Marina State Beach

Playgroup at Earthbound Farms
it was hot

hot and tired don't mix


"Where the Wild Things Are" date w/Owen & Drew
(doubled w/Sarah & Cal)
way too heavy...but the wild things were awesome

A real date w/Justin.
His pick...Chili's
Surprise surprise!

Now back to the routine.

Friday, October 16, 2009

School Pictures

This is Owen's from kindergarten.

And this is Drew's from preschool:
I actually like a school picture for the first time!

Would it be too much to ask for schools to take pictures outside and get rid of the nasty backgrounds?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

ocean view

from a forest-y campground

This was the perfect camp site at New Brighton State Beach. The campground is up above the beach so we got our tent and fire in trees then thanks to a little path we got beach access, too.

fire popped popcorn at night

playing with fire in the morning

still tired

hot chocolate

seat...the fender

Don't let this fool you...I slept in the van w/Sally...
much less scary/more enjoyable that way.
Missed out on the mating raccoons, though.

the path to the beach

Sally fell asleep in her arms...after calling her, "mom"
and not wanting me to hold her.

beach shower

finally got up close to the cement ship at Seacliff Beach
(we were camping about a mile from it...
tried walking there from our site
but we didn't have enough time before check out
so we drove there on our way home)

Sally's face represents the stench of the sea lions.

Seacliff Beach pier and cement ship in the background.

Camping and I are friends again.
It was the best.
And so much better with friends.

P.S. We had a good group site (#3) at NBSB...but if you go w/just your family get has the best ocean view (the top 2 pics were taken from #22 before it became occupied).