Monday, March 30, 2015

Justin and His Babies


At the time, this was so funny (all the kids were trying to copy Auggie's hug pose).

But now, a couple weeks later, it's just kind of precious.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bike Eat Repeat

Drew had his birthday planned out pretty much to the minute (weeks in advance):

Stay home from school.
Bike to Pavel's for breakfast.
Bike to Subway for lunch.
Bike to Subway for dinner.
Drive to Baskin Robbins for ice cream (instead of cake).

Oh, and get a bike as his president. Obviously.

We kept to the plan, until after lunch he decided he didn't want Subway twice in a row.
(thank goodness)

But his alternative was Coco's.

We were half the age of anyone there,
but Drew fell asleep over dinner as if he was one of the senior citizens.

He was so tired, he wanted to wait until the next day to have cake (Coco's chocolate pie).

Drew is still glued to his bike, but it hasn't worn him out enough to fall asleep over dinner again.
(he was probably awake since 4am on his birthday waiting for us all to wake up so he could have his bike).

Love that little 9-year old.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

7th Heaven

Sally asked if her birthday could be as special as Christmas.

The morning included her usual birthday breakfast request of pancakes w/strawberries & cream.
Also, a scavenger hunt to find her presents.
And a candy bar poster.

To celebrate the rest of the day, we considered a party. Or a trip to the American Girl store.

But in the end, she chose a half day at school, then lunch, pedicures, and a trip to Claire's with Tes.
And some extra birthday cash.

Drew had a baseball scrimmage so that got thrown in there, too.

For lunch, the girlies were set on McDonald's.

The pedicure was her first and the man she got was so sweet (free flower for her birthday).

Her Lalla Grill pick for dinner was delish.
And I was very okay with her wanting fondue instead of a cake.

The glasses were one of her Claire's picks.
And I kind of wish they're real cause she looks so cute in them.

Not sure if it was as good as Christmas, but she was a happy girl.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Dog Bun Cell Phones


No GoPros over here, only this thing.

Skin, bones, ebony, and ivory.

He was totally into the firemen, until one came crawling at him.

The best way to enjoy the Super Bowl (thanks to our neighbors).

Finally binky free.
But that means his bedtime request list has gotten longer by one: lights on until he falls asleep.
Milk, applesauce, sleep sheep playing ocean sounds, and stuffed animals are standard.

Sarah set up a treat stand, but instead of money the kids paid with nice notes or hugs.
Never seen these boys get so huggy.

Makes up for the crazy mornings.


Most likely inspired by Sarah's stand.
We literally had no supplies except a few random cups and some strawberries I turned into juice.
A nice neighbor and some girl scouts bought out all 4 cups.

Nathaniel and Drew found out they're on the Giants together (coached by Nathaniel's dad).
Nathaniel had joked that they should have cake and party hats if they got on the same team.
Made all his dreams come true with those super fancy hats.


Justin set this up for fun and it took over the living room for a week.

Owen found out he'll be on the Phillies with Nolan (not pictured; Nathaniel's brother),
so he needed Philly Cheesecake.


Justin thinks his drinks are safe in the fridge.


My favorite parts of our yard: wild calla lilies (look good) and pittosporum (smell good).


Pancakes were taking too long.

Short-lived "Go Dog Go" obsession.


Hacienda Hay & Feed (got permission to break the rules).



Sometimes we take a break from our morning exercise routine to build rock stacks on the beach.
And sometimes I come home and ruin any exercising that happened with pancake stacks.

Seriously tempted to let him go to school like that.

Justin got a new phone app.

Group picture from Talen's birthday party.

Williams Sonoma's free cooking class: sandwiches and wraps.
Her wrap included cream cheese, hummus, strawberries, cucumber, banana, egg, and swiss cheese.

The leprechaun trap Auggie made at Beverly's Crafts.
That, a few pinches, and a corned beef were the extent of our St. Patty's Day celebrating.

Cheering section at Drew's first game of the season (which was way too hot for Pacific Grove).

A typical afternoon with these girls.