Sunday, March 08, 2015


August has developed a love for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, aka, "Whale!"

It's weird.

But it's free and down the street. And has a big whale out front.

In an effort to make it more hands-on, they've added some new exhibits.

Like the above "match the correct eyeballs to the skull" installation.

Or the below, "try the fur on the taxidermy form to see which one fits."

This whale eyeball gets me every time.

Also, the (not pictured) preserved giant squid. Ew.

The maximum occupancy for the upstairs is 30 people. I don't know why that makes me laugh.

 Another new thing is the taxidermy scavenger hunt. AKA, "Homework."

Two not weird things:

The Spirit Nest

And Sandy the whale.

(pictures from 2/24 and 2/27)


Evaly said...

Okay I'm dying! Must go here someday! :)

Rachel said...

Weird weird weird that you try the fur on the animal! But the old picture of Sally tugs on my heartstrings.