Friday, November 30, 2007

French Toast Friday

Monday - Pancakes
Tuesday - Oatmeal
Wednesday - Waffles
Thursday - Cream of Wheat (or Malt O Meal)
Friday - French Toast
My personal favorite, the french toast.
My mom has had this breakfast schedule FOREVER. Since I've been here last year she figured out to cook the french toast in the waffle maker and it tastes so much better, no soggy middles! And she always uses Grandma Sycamore's bread... so good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Aren't you so glad you don't have to look at this header anymore? I am.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Good

Stayed up until 2am reading last night... I don't give up sleep for just anything. I know it's been around awhile, I'm just slow. But I LOVE IT.

On a side note, remember that time I wrapped up a diaper, threw it out, then came back in the house and the diaper was still there? So I went to see what I had wrapped up and thrown out. Ya, it was my cell phone. That was yesterday (even on a full night's sleep).

Friday, November 23, 2007


Thanksgiving in Payson from my point of view...
Those sweet potatoes were SO good.

Always zooming in on the pies.

And now a few from Owen's point of view...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's November 14th

And we're playing naked outside in the water!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lucky #7

Happy anniversary to us!

These are my cute flowers from Justin. I'm gonna take them out as my date tonight.
So awhile ago Justin came across the little "How did you meet" questionnaire on Katie J's blog (if your blog is on my sidebar list he's seen it) and he decided to fill it out on one of his slow Iraq days.
If you're not sure whether he's kidding or not, assume he's kidding (i.e., push-ups, wikipedia, etc.)

Where did you two meet?
I was over at Jared of the Burr's house hanging out in the basement. No sooner than that, a fly honey comes down the stairs…so needless to say I commenced doing pushups. Just then I caught her eye and I could interpret what that twinkle was saying, "You are a definitely the hunk of the month". Score 1 for me…I then proceeded to play NFL Blitz on N64 because I researched at the local library that a good woman digs a man who can play a mean game of football on a gaming system. To make myself look better I played against Jared's little brother, there was no way this little man was going to beat me, at least that's what I thought. Next up, hopping into the vehicles and heading out to watch a movie. I didn't get to ride in the same car as Shauna because I was playing it cool, you know, the old hard to get game? I had this down, there's no need to think I messed this up. First stop was at some dude’s house whose name I should remember but I don't. He had a skateboard. Light bulb went on. I knew I had to make a move. Now, you have to realize that I am in the funny business…I jumped on the skateboard and proceeded to ride it like I knew what the junk I was doing and acted goofy to get her attention. I think it worked because she laughed. I knew business was good and it was starting to get better. We all jumped in the vehicles we came in and drove to get a movie at Blockbuster. I decided to get out and act funny again because you never lose with that old trick. I was starting to get a vibe from her saying, "I hope he comes over and talks to me, that sexy stallion."…We got in our vehicles and drove out to the massive Salt River that had claimed many people's lives. We just happened to get a scary movie…and needless to say I began to hold her hand. After the movie she wanted to ride back with me…When we got back I got her number. And that is how it all started. I felt like I was king of the world!
Karen (my sister) ended up marrying Jared who she initially wanted to set me up with. Jared and Justin knew each-other from the Fresno, CA mission where they both served (never as companions though). We were all hanging out at Jared’s house. He was at a reception so I met Justin before him and couldn’t get over his cool Kappa soccer shirt…

What is the first thing you said to her?

Where was your first date?
I took her to the most romantic place in the world. I knew every fly honey loves a little bit of the chikita Chinese food. It was in Fountain Hills and everything is good in Fountain Hills.

Where was your first kiss?
Duh, Fountain Hills!

How long did you date?
Maybe 2 months? What, is that bad? Dude, she wanted me and I kind of liked her.

Did you have a long engagement?
Umm……… in Mormon standards? I think 4 months maybe. I still had to play hard to get cause I didn't want her to think she had lassoed me. I know it is long if you are Mormon, but please, don't judge me. I had to keep it real and I didn't want to cramp her style.

Where did you propose?
I looked it up on and it told me that San Diego was the place and that it is best if Christina Aguilera is playing in the background. I didn't have that handy so I had to do without. I headed to the beach with my sister and her soon to be fiancĂ© Nate Jacobs (He is definitely alright with me). Oh and the fly one too. It was 0200 (that is A.M.) and I double checked wikipedia before I left and it told me that it must be on the beach. So we were walking and because she didn't want a ring I had to act fast, all I had was some gum wrapper so I quickly made it into the most beautiful ring ever (it was later sold on Ebay) I waited for the right moment, meaning no one was around, and I knelt down and asked her to marry me. Ohhhh……you might say, I know, wikipedia is awesome.
I DID want a ring but I wanted my friend Debbie to make it… was so not into diamonds at the time. Justin threw away the gum wrapper ring before we left the beach cause he was embarrassed about it! I wish I still had it!

(The beach in San Diego where Justin proposed)

Where were you married?
I decided the Temple is probably the best choice but I wanted to be sure so I consulted my counselor, wikipedia. Needless to say we were married on November 10, 2000 in the Mesa Arizona Temple.

How did the reception go?
Well, it wasn't bad. We had it at Shauna's house because I figured it would save me money in the long run (I WANTED it in my parents backyard). I knew I had to start watching my money. We had fun and all sorts of different people were invited. Family, friends, people our family knew, hobbits, a couple of cats, three billy goats and my mom and dad. Oh and it rained all over us as well. People were telling us that it was good luck and we would be rich……….ok I have yet to see anything of that nature, I am in the Marine Corps now, stuck in Iraq and …..wait I love Iraq, we have great food and oh nevermind. I am still not rich, even after going to Vegas and spending my life savings there trying to get rich.
The reception was so much fun even though it was totally rained out and it ended up being in the undecorated house and back porch. I’m still embarrassed our first dance was to “More Than Words” though! I had made a CD of songs I wanted played and it was left in a car at the Temple. So we got stuck with Grant’s selection, which must’ve been pretty bad if “More Than Words” is the best we could find. Our colors were yellow & orange, which I still love.

How was the honeymoon?
Umm…..isn't that kind of private?......Oh not that part huh? Well, we went to San Francisco and lived the life of a fisherman on Fisherman's Warf. I saw seals, hobos, bums, gay people, expensive food and trolleys. It was great!

(This picture isn't cheesy at all)

Happy Anniversary to my "sexy stallion!"

Friday, November 09, 2007

Funny Baby Clothes

K the cutest baby/kid t-shirts are at

Owen chose:
(of course)
Drew needs:

And Sally can't live (or be born) without:

Which ones do your kiddos need?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fish Heaven

Well, he lasted almost 2 weeks longer than I thought he would! Owen wasn't even really phased... he was more upset when his puffer toy from Target broke. He will happily tell you that Puffer is, "Flushed away!"

Hoe Down

My sister Rachel made this... I especially like my red eyes, Drew's humongous head, that Owen is a girl, and Justin is dead serious :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


That's her name, don't wear it out.

Friday, November 02, 2007

You Know What This Means!

Yes, I already went shopping. We are so excited!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Batman & Robot

Our Halloween festivities included:

The Halloween Carnival put together by Ginger... This is the only picture I got from the night (more at Becky's Blog). Owen IN the treasure chest. He decided to take over. Robot costume long gone.

Trunk or Treat... the token picture again. But trunk or treat is the best - tons of candy (for me to eat) in like 10 minutes! Oh wait, no robot costume again.

Halloween day Karen & I took the kiddies to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D (hence Owen's glasses).

That night we went trick or treating in Marie/Grandma & Grandpa Martindale's neighborhood. We did 10-12 houses... I realized that Drew is not the shy one. Thanks t0 Becky B for lending us the Batman costume!