Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 20

I didn't take any pictures for the weekly photo challenge last week.

But I did shoot my first wedding!
(which was fun, but has meant hours and hours of sifting through and editing photos)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 19


Today's Weather

Monday, May 09, 2016

Week 18


And this is all I have to show for last week.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Also in April

Auggie was sick on April Fool's Day.
That part was true.
The not true part was my Instagram post of this picture with the comment that Justin is deploying.

After weeks of trying, Drew landed his first double tail whip.
He was just a little excited.
This and the below pictures are from the Scotts Valley skate park.


And these next few pictures are from the fun park by the skate park.


I bet you've never seen this before: a fort and BINGO during General Conference weekend.

Elder Liew finished up his mission here and was nice to take Cole a package from us.

My mom and dad took Drew to the Monterey skate park before they headed home.
Drew got to be tardy to school for the occasion and was happy about that.


Walking up to the aquarium, we met a worker who had found an actual megaladon tooth.

I had to document the most delicious strawberries I've ever had.
Bought them at the farm stand out front of Hacienda Hay & Feed.
The guy had me taste both organic and non organic locally grown.
Organic were night and day better.

Earthbound Farms gets cuter every time we go.

That would be Drew getting his cleat lace tied by his couch.

Happy birthday to Justin.

And happy birthday to me.
Auggie bought me these butterfly nets with my own money.
Before that was Wagon Wheel with friends.
Sarah and I got massages.
Had dinner with our family at Benihana.

Waiting to start their forest-themed class play.

Ghetto rigged ramp behind the high school baseball field.

This is what I asked for from Justin for my birthday: ziplining through the Santa Cruz redwoods.
It was so fun.
Our group was so fun and we all had special nicknames.
Not trying to brag, but mine was Short Bus.
Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Sick of Drew's scootering pictures yet?

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sally's Baptism

Sally was baptized on Saturday, April 9.
(not in the ocean as the picture might imply)

We do stake baptisms here,
but Sally was the only child being baptized in April so she got her own program.
This is a screen shot, so not very clear, but the program was printed on pretty gold card stock.
(that took a lot of effort on my mom's part)

Sally knew exactly what songs she wanted and who she wanted to do what.
The musical number was a flute solo.
The whole program was short, sweet, and perfect.


Sally's teacher, Ms. DeTomaso, is not a member of our church but was nice to come support Sally.

Snuck a couple pictures as I watched Sally walk into the font (before the prayer started).
Loved being able to be there to greet her first thing.
She is a girl of few words, but was glowing and said she felt good.

Sarah, Tes, and Meg sacrificed going to Cal's out-of-town baseball tournament to be there.

With Payten and Gracie (who had to wait the baptism out in the car).

Sally is loving all things that come with being 8:
activity days, her own scriptures, and working on Faith in God.

I'm so happy for her.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Baptism Visitors

My parents came for a week to be here for Sally's baptism.
They got here after a pit stop in Visalia to visit Brenda and Carl,
whose new house is on a walnut farm.
Fresh walnuts are so much better than store bought ones.

A tree swing was Auggie's request of my dad.

He has been on it every single day since.

My mom is always a saint to do crafts with Sally.
She earned this butterfly pillow kit by memorizing the 10th Article of Faith.

Thursday, while the older kids were in school, we headed south to our favorite places.
Bixby Bridge above.

Garrapata below
(home of the famous Calla Lilly Canyon)

Carmel River flowing into the ocean.

The calla lilies are those little white specks in the background.

The view of the lilies from the road.
Those stairs to the right are the ones featured in the picture above of my dad and Auggie.

We stopped at Point Lobos on our way home.

The highlight there was seeing all these baby sea lions in China Cove.
A couple are nursing in this picture.

Fred and Alyce got here Friday and treated us to In n Out (brand new to Monterey).

Then we picked up Payten, who flew in by herself for Sally's baptism.
Sally was in Heaven with her here.


The whole crew walked down the street Saturday morning for the Good Old Days parade.

Somehow giant stuffed animals were deemed parade worthy.

We walked down to the street fair afterwards for the usual rides, games, and blow-up plastic bats.

Didn't get a picture of it, but Drew and I did a scary ride and he thought he was going to die.

Owen had a baseball game afterwards that went LONG.
It was such a good game though and a bummer we barely lost.

The game ended just in time to rush home and get ready for Sally's baptism.

Post-baptism family dinner at Dicky's BBQ.
Said good-bye to Fred, Alyce, and Payten that night
since their flight left super early the next morning.

Sunday after church, we did 17 Mile Drive on Pebble Beach.
Auggie checked out the Lone Cypress.

My parents are now serving as caretakers at Camp Lomia in AZ for the next 2 years.
So happy we got a full week with them before they left.
Whenever they're here, everything gets done and life is so much less stressful.
Not sure if I'll ever not cry when they leave.