Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sally's Baptism

Sally was baptized on Saturday, April 9.
(not in the ocean as the picture might imply)

We do stake baptisms here,
but Sally was the only child being baptized in April so she got her own program.
This is a screen shot, so not very clear, but the program was printed on pretty gold card stock.
(that took a lot of effort on my mom's part)

Sally knew exactly what songs she wanted and who she wanted to do what.
The musical number was a flute solo.
The whole program was short, sweet, and perfect.


Sally's teacher, Ms. DeTomaso, is not a member of our church but was nice to come support Sally.

Snuck a couple pictures as I watched Sally walk into the font (before the prayer started).
Loved being able to be there to greet her first thing.
She is a girl of few words, but was glowing and said she felt good.

Sarah, Tes, and Meg sacrificed going to Cal's out-of-town baseball tournament to be there.

With Payten and Gracie (who had to wait the baptism out in the car).

Sally is loving all things that come with being 8:
activity days, her own scriptures, and working on Faith in God.

I'm so happy for her.

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Torgersons said...

She is such a darling girl, and I love that her school teacher came.