Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a Good Mom Part 2

Part 1 was forgetting the swimsuits on Saturday.

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Lindsey didn't know when she was putting pictures together for Sally's room (using Glitz) she was designing me a blog header, too.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


What kind of mom takes her kids to the beach without swimsuits?

This weekend is the Festival of Lanterns and today there was a kids sand castle contest. I expected to see some amazing castles. But no such luck. It's a KIDS contest remember Shauna?

I swear we didn't get a lot of stares (and some comments) on the walk back to the car.

PS Owen learned himself how to wink this week - Heavenly Father taught him.

And remember when she used to fit in this?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Roller Over-er


Just have to document her firsts.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I like the lollipop.

But obviously I need header help.

Know anybody?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kid in a Candy Store

I LOVE seeing and exploring new places. We've barely made a dent but it's a start...

Lover's Point - 6/12

I think it was our first full day here.
We were driving along the 1 checking everything out.
I had heard about Lover's Point before we got here,
 but we didn't know that's where we were stopping when we did.
Just came across it by accident.

Natural Bridges State Park - 6/14

We met Chad & Cherisse's family here.
It was so pretty and so freezing.
It was our first tide-pooling experience and we were happy with any little anemone we found.

Dallin & Jocey are Owen & Drew's 2nd cousins.


Somewhere in-between Monterey and Big Sur off Highway 1 is this awesome beach.

Ripplewood Resort Cafe - 6/19

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park - 6/19

I would stay far away from this tree for along time if I were you.
It became an emergency bathroom for Owen.
A week after we were here there was a huge fire and the area was evacuated.

This is another part of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.
There's a waterfall not pictured that falls right into the sand.
There was no beach access so it was just a big tease... 
show me this pretty beach but don't let me go on it.
The kids were wasted after the hike to the first waterfall,
so Justin and I took turns walking the short trail to see this one.

Oakland Temple - 6/21

Chad & Cherisse watched Owen & Drew while Justin & I took turns in the temple.

The view of San Francisco from the temple grounds.

Dennis the Menace Park - 6/17

I totally remember loving a fountain like this when I was a kid.

Downtown Farmer's Market - 6/24
The mother of all farmer's markets.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - 6/25

I was prepared to be disappointed by the aquarium after all the hype it's gotten but I so was not.

I am now an aquarium snob. This place is the best.
Only complaint - no puffer fish!

Somehow an old cannery boiler is a car to them.


Cannery Row - 6/25

Monterey is very proud of John Steinbeck and his book by the same name.

I liked having read it cause it gave me a sense of place.
(I stole that line from the area guide I read many times in the hotel)
But I wouldn't recommend the book unless you're going or have been to Monterey.

Lilly Mae's - 7/1

On Cannery Row.
I went here cause a) it looked good and b)it shared Lindsey's name.

Old Fisherman's Wharf - 6/26

Coast Guard Pier - 6/27

Justin had started work (aka school) by then so we picked him and had lunch here.

Couldn't eat too close to the stinky sea lions.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our 4th

Pancake Breakfast at Church

Tide-pooling (that orange thing is a sea star)

Chad & Cherisse's family came down and we barbecued at a park
(Chad did the work and it was good).

Then since we didn't have a place for them to stay, Chad & Cherisse got a hotel that just happened to have private beach access. We watched the fireworks on the bay from the beach.

It was Special


Father's Day 2008 consisted of:

- A breakfast gone bad (forgot to buy salt for the eggs)
- A hotel
- A wife with a migraine who had to leave church early
- Lots of cookies in Priesthood meeting
- A fancy pillow

We tried.

Dear Anheuser-Busch,


We (as in my family) don't drink your alcohol but thanks for supporting us (as in all military families) with free admission into Sea World.

Love, Shauna

We spent a couple nights with Justin's aunt Connie in San Diego on the way to Monterey. When we visited Sea World, our big-headed moment was at the first Shamu show of the day when they had all the military (past/present) and their families stand to be recognized.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Only in California...

...will the recycling barrel be bigger than the one for trash.

That thing is tiny and gets filled up in 2 days tops.

I'm going to start recycling diapers and see how they feel about it.

I knew you were dying to see our trash cans.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No Words

This is how much paper they used to pack one glass.

Apparently our glassware was packed better
than our entertainment center.

It showed up with a broken door
(and not at the hinges)
(and not the door Owen (or Drew?) broke in NC).

Also, our vacuum is mysteriously missing.

We will be compensated for our losses
but it will be a hassle and a pain in the booty.

I don't like hassles. Or pains in the booties.

But I do like my Internet!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Isn't She A Beauty?

Obviously not... But this house is all about location.

And compared to a hotel room for a month it's a mansion.

We moved in last Tuesday (waiver took FOREVER to get signed), got our stuff yesterday, and Internet TODAY.

I'm a happy girl.