Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He Wears the Shorts in the Family

Today is the 100th day of school.

Which means 100 days of shorts for Owen.

The average high in the morning is probably high 40's/low 50's.

I think the lowest I've noticed was 34 degrees.

And yet every day he insists on shorts.

He may not have perfect attendance or on-time-ness.

But he has a perfect shorts-wearing record.

We aim high.

ps today feels like the 100th day of rain

Saturday, January 23, 2010


About to be eating a lot of them cause we're headed to Georgia!

Justin will be stationed at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, GA sometime this summer.

Kind of funny that our options based on availability were:
Oceanside, CA

And of those 3 choices we chose GA.

CA and Hawaii are super deployable.

There's a very good chance Justin won't deploy at all from GA.

And if we don't have to go through that again...

(taken right before Justin's last deployment to Iraq in July 2007)

Georgia it is!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Temple

The grounds at the Oakland Temple seemed extra pretty yesterday.

Those California Poppies in the background are my new favorite flower.

They play cute together.

And then there's Drew.

Here he's probably thinking about jumping in that water.

And he did.

And she looks all grown up.

For now (having our kids at the ages they are) I decided I like having the Temple 2 hours away. It means we bring Owen, Drew, and Sally with us (don't want to pay a babysitter for that long and feel too guilty taking anyone up on their offers to do it for free) and alternate going inside.

But since we bring them they actually see us going in the Temple (verses us telling them that's where we're going)...and in Justin's case they got to see him come out. They get to feel a difference there and see how pretty it is. They see and hear the Christus in the Vistor's Center. And we always climb up to the outside viewing area to see the San Francisco Bay. That temple has the best location!

And even if they still act crazy I know some of all that good stuff is seeping in.

Tea Party

got to take sally to the cutest tea party for felicity's birthday

i was in love with everything

so many details not pictured but here are some

milk for tea

crowns and boas

cookies to decorate
(that would be sally's little hand reaching for the sprinkles)

party girls

Downtown Monterey

Went to the beginning and end of playgroup at the police department.

Drew lost his attention span in the middle so we walked across the street to explore the City Hall and Colton Hall courtyards. And I want to go back. It's so pretty there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Give Me a Smile

I think Owen has a future in cinematography.

Found in our archives from July of last year.

I have no idea what that slapping sound in the background is.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Life

The bird feeders are dead.

Actually, they have been for awhile.

We never saw one little bird eat one little seed. Ever!

I don't know what we did wrong.

The seeds?

The peanut butter?

Were the birds already south for the winter?

The only entertaining thing that came from that whole experience
was that the table out front turned into a chia table.

Owen had fun plucking all the grass
that sprouted from the stray bird seeds.

So plan B:
canned snow and a winter display.

But with Christmas over it kind of feels like winter is, too.

Especially with swimsuits in stores.

So I washed off the snow and moved to plan C:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photoshop and Me

In Arizona Lindsey gave me a little Photoshop lesson.

I got home, tried it, and got frustrated.

I WILL learn it.

But for now we're not speaking.

So thank you Lindsey for my header once again.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrong Address

I was all excited to get a package in the mail.

Until I realized it was from me and was supposed to go to AZ.

Then I wasn't so excited anymore.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Justin had 24-hour duty yesterday so he was gone last night.

Good thing, cause his spot was taken.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I can never resist a bad pun.

Owen started golf lessons (1/5).

Drew had his first day in Sunbeams (1/3).

Sally is adjusting to having a schedule again.

Justin is back to studying.
His huge final test is the end of February.

And I'm just happy that my Peace on Earth lights are still up!

It's written huge on whatever building this is by Coastguard Pier
and for some reason I'm obsessed with it.

A Week in Mesa

Rachel's birthday dinner at Bellagio's

and yummy cherry cheesecakes.

Lots of playing in the backyard.
The 2 newest additions: this ramp

and Rachel's bike (with leg cut-outs in the basket).

Sorry we can't keep her, Justin.

Tami and 7 of her 8 kids came up for a day.

I met Tanner.

Erica & Brett (Justin's brother & sister) got a new apartment

so we had a housewarming dinner.

New Year's Eve
Fizzy lifting drinks.

A fire.

A scary face.

It was windy, and a no-burn day so we didn't do our tradition of torching Christmas trees at midnight. So sad. They did blow up a few gingerbread houses but I missed it!

She made it to midnight!
And was happy most of the time...just not here.
Yes Cole, you got the first picture with her in 2010.

Cousins sad to say good-bye...and also tired.

New Year's Eve wasn't the same this year. My grandma's (far right) sister Margie (next to her) passed away the day after Christmas so my dad, most of his siblings, and grandparents were in Idaho for her funeral. This is the last picture taken (by my grandpa) of all 5 sisters together. I love it.

New Year's Day we went to Jump Street (filled w/trampolines).

I wasn't in the mood to wet my pants so I was a spectator.

On that note...

Happy New Year!