Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Turn

Justin got poop on a platter for his birthday and I got Disneyland.
Fair, right?
And yes, I was really excited to see the fairy godmother.

Only other picture from the day.
Sally's first time on Tower of Terror.
She's not so sure she wants to do it again.

It was a happy birthday for me at Disneyland.
Justin was nice to go even though he still wasn't 100% better from a little sickness.

My birthday surprise was from Sally.
A book she made with 23 original drawings by her
(okay Drew helped with one and one was actually my drawing).
 I especially love that she wrote, "from Sally" on every single page.
I'm obsessed with the cover picture and hope she writes a story about the,
"two bunnies flying on a pond and the bald flowers growing on it."

Monday, April 22, 2013

35 and Still Alive

I asked the kids what we should get Justin for his birthday.
They said he told them he wanted poop on a planter.
So that's what he got.
And yes I googled, "how to make poop."
Crunchy peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and sesame seeds.
Ellis loved it.

"Mashed potatoes, stuffed potatoes, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, rice-a-roni, saltines...
and peas to be healthy."
That was his (joking) dinner request.
So he got that, too.

And since his birthday was yesterday (on a Sunday), we went out for it Saturday night.
His gourmet dinner choice was Boston Market.
I'd never been there before, but it was actually pretty good.
And Justin got to see what he'll look like in 35 more years thanks to all the other diners.

Pretty sure he had the best birthday ever.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Midgets and Memorials

Justin took Owen to the dentist last week.
2 fillings had fallen out.
I miss military insurance.

While in the waiting room, Justin was reading "Weird California."
I know this because I found the above picture on our computer.
We did some online research and found that there was one midget house left.
Last night we went to check it out and here it is:
Us, too.
It WAS smallish and had a little door, gate, and garage, but it wasn't near as midget-y as we had hoped.

Since we were already on Mt. Soledad, we drove to the top to see the veterans memorial.
This time we weren't disappointed.
The views up there were amazing any direction you looked.
Being there right at sunset was cool, too.

Loved seeing the temple from up there.

Justin took this picture (see the temple glowing?):
I love it.

Apparently, Dr. Seuss's last house he lived in is on Mt. Soledad, too.

So moral of the story is...go to Mt. Soledad to see the memorial and views. And since you're already there for that, might as well check out the midget house. And Dr. Seuss's house. And all the other amazing homes. Maybe bring a picnic (grassy area and benches at the memorial). And some scooters (there's a path leading somewhere from the memorial). And a jacket.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

That Time When

Owen's team posed for a picture since so many were missing on the official day.
I came around the corner to find Sally's friends quietly dancing together.
She had positioned their hands just right.
The Tiger Cubs went on a nature walk to Batiquitos Lagoon.
Binoculars were provided.
Wouldn't want to miss all those cars passing by on the freeway.

Drew rode down all the slides at the park with Brent's help.

I couldn't find my phone anywhere.
Sally and August flew in airplane.
Owen did homework. On his own. Without me by his side the whole time.
(hiring a tutor and Owen's 2nd semester teacher have made a huge difference)
Justin blow dried August's hair.
Justin worked on his Jeep.
Sally watered my poppies.
(Remember last year, my seeds resulted in ONE plant?
New soil made a huge difference.
I'm so excited by them all, I can't bring myself to thin them out)

The Jeep went out for its first ride around the neighborhood.

 Obviously far from finished but this was pretty huge.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bruised and Battered

She gets banged up just as much (or more) than the boys.
That bruise and scratch are numbers 27 and 28 she added to her collection for the week.

But since her hair was curled and she had a new bow (thanks to Errin), we took pictures anyway.
The scarf was her own personal touch.

I told her to run towards me and she did this pose mid-run.

This one just makes me happy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013




I love him in his pajamas.

Specifically soft ones that have stripes and zippers.

He's been sick this week, so he had to wear them all day every day.

It Sounds so Fancy

We were just a little excited to get this email on Tuesday.

So happy for Justin and SO excited to go back to Monterey (if we have to leave here, that is).

It's a weird feeling having a pit in my stomach about leaving here, but being so happy to go back to Monterey.

Justin is hoping to get into the summer session as well, which starts June we are going to be out of here way too soon.

In other good news...we have a house waiting for us. Our former landlord has an upcoming vacancy in a great neighborhood by a good school. Huge blessing. This blessing comes with wood paneled bedroom walls and some mismatched flooring, but I've never been so excited for 1400 square feet in my life.

What Not to Do


Probably not the best idea to leave him on the table in that thing.

But recalled or not, Bumbos are awesome (thanks Evaly for lending us yours).

He's only managed his way out one time, and thankfully he was on the floor.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Learning to Ride

 Sally is now training wheel free and Drew is a solo rider on the electric scooter.

Sally had been asking us to take off her training wheels for a few days.
Finally got around to it, ran in the house for something, 
then looked out the front window to see her practically already riding on her own.
She was ready.

 Our neighbors love us.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Wedding Extra

 My parents and their 8.
 My parents and their lots.

Sally would be the one who got up confused with down.

Photography by Brittney Gurr

Also, Rachel and I had emailed Mara of A Blog About Love with a couple Instagrams from her wedding day. It was fun to see them published on the site.