Thursday, April 18, 2013

That Time When

Owen's team posed for a picture since so many were missing on the official day.
I came around the corner to find Sally's friends quietly dancing together.
She had positioned their hands just right.
The Tiger Cubs went on a nature walk to Batiquitos Lagoon.
Binoculars were provided.
Wouldn't want to miss all those cars passing by on the freeway.

Drew rode down all the slides at the park with Brent's help.

I couldn't find my phone anywhere.
Sally and August flew in airplane.
Owen did homework. On his own. Without me by his side the whole time.
(hiring a tutor and Owen's 2nd semester teacher have made a huge difference)
Justin blow dried August's hair.
Justin worked on his Jeep.
Sally watered my poppies.
(Remember last year, my seeds resulted in ONE plant?
New soil made a huge difference.
I'm so excited by them all, I can't bring myself to thin them out)

The Jeep went out for its first ride around the neighborhood.

 Obviously far from finished but this was pretty huge.

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The Watkins said...

I love the random ones all grouped together. It's like a week at the Hollobaugh's at a glance.