Wednesday, April 03, 2013

March Photo Dump

 Justin took Drew on a scout field trip to a local college TV station.
Drew is in back as weatherman.

 Baseball season began for Owen.

 Someone got creative with weights at the pinewood derby.

 We visited the Bohns and Tates at their awesome beachfront house in Oceanside.

 Brought donuts in to Drew's class to celebrate his birthday.


 Justin's sister Erica and her friend Lexi came to visit for a weekend.
We had a beach bonfire and I forgot all the s'mores stuff at home.

 Owen chose to act as Lou Gehrig for his class living history museum.
He wanted a famous Yankee since that's the team he's on this year.
He chose Gehrig cause he looked cool.
Turns out that guy was super awesome.

First swing.

 A perk to having Justin home...lunch dates.

 A bummer to having babies on lunch dates...they poop everywhere.
It wore him out.
Came out of Sunday School to find August asleep on the floor in the hall.

 Good morning.


 Probably time to retire the vibrating chair if he's rolling over in it.

He can practically do sit ups.
Does not like to lay down.

 What Justin thought his Easter ensemble should've looked like.


Krissie said...

Love the photos! You take the best ones!

Evaly said...

That baby is just too cute! I lol that he is rolling in the bouncy seat :)