Thursday, April 04, 2013

Keeping it Local

This week is our spring break.

We've gone to the beach, had friends over, and wasted plenty of time around the house.

I think everyone around here is just fine with all of the above, but I need more out of a spring break.

So today I told Justin it'd make me really happy if he'd plan something for us.

He came up with exploring Calavera Hills, just 10 minutes away.
Justin and Owen have been there with the scouts, but I'd never been.
It was pretty! 
But we were not prepared.
A. I wore flip flops. They are my favorite and I thought I'd be fine on the trails. I was fine, but being better than fine would've been nice. A couple of decked out mountain bikers passed me and I overheard them commenting, "She's mountain biking (I was sitting on Owen's bike) in flip flops. With kids!" 
B. We brought the stroller instead of the baby carrier. This is what Justin looked like some of the way up and most of the way down (on the "shortcut" that would've been a shortcut had we no bike or stroller). August slept through a lot.
C. This isn't really a preparedness issue, but right when we got there...Owen flipped over with his bike (I didn't see it) and got spooked. He walked his bike the entire time after that. Say cheese!

Someone needed some help getting to the top.
 The view from the top was cool. Trust me.

And then we headed down.

 Oh, there's the maze they ran through at the beginning. (see picture at the top)

3 of the 5 happy hikers.

The whole adventure took like 1 1/2 hours but it was exhausting.

We needed food.
So we stuck with our local theme of the day and had lunch at Al's Cafe in the Village.
We've driven past that place probably 100 times and finally tried it.
And now I feel like I need to review it.
Slow, slow, slow service.
Food was fine.
Free fudge samples were really good...I'd go back for more of that.

Then we napped.

And I'm probably okay with a very low-key tomorrow.
PS Al's Cafe is famous for its red wall that appeared in Rachel & Jacob's wedding announcement.

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Marla Martindale said...

I am glad to know the origin of the wall. Thank you for sharing your family adventure!