Tuesday, June 24, 2008

101 Things to Do in a Hotel

Get ice in the bucket

Play at the playground

Watch movies (not TV cause there are no kids' channels, not even PBS!)

Fight over who gets to open the door from the inside (Owen & Drew)

Fight over who gets to open the door using the card from the outside (Owen & Drew)

Fight over who gets to do laundry (Justin & me... anything to get out of the room!)

Go to the pool (just discovered an indoor one with a kiddie area across the street)
6/23 - Sally's first swim

Take turns at the computer in the lobby (10 cents a minute is adding up!)

Walk to the mini mart

Get soda and treats from the vending machine

Wait... that's only 10 things.

We have been seeing a lot of cool stuff though so we don't go too stir crazy. And we got together w/my cousins Chad & Cherisse's family a couple times.

And the end of the hotel is in sight! The house near Justin's school SHOULD work out for us to rent (move-in date is July 3). I say SHOULD because what are the chances that the home owner is the dean of Justin's school? It's a base policy that deans can't rent to students (conflict of interest/could look as he's playing favorites) so we're in the process of getting a waiver signed to allow us to still rent his home.

Oh and we were so close to getting scammed in this whole house searching thing! We've been looking at Craig's List and I found a home that was awesome... newly remodeled, decent size, good neighborhood for less than anything else we could find and even included utilities. I was emailing the "home owner" back and forth for a few days... he was in China doing missionary work and was looking for someone to rent his home while he was away. There were so many fishy things and warning signs like he wanted me to Western Union him the deposit, THEN he'd courier the house keys to us at the hotel. He even called to ease my fears about me not meeting him or seeing the house. I wanted so bad for it to work out so I was ignoring warning signs. Luckily we drove by the house (a 2nd time with Justin... I was alone the first time) and a guy was working in the driveway. We pulled over to talk to him and found out this guy is a total scam. A few other families had driven by too and one had even sent him the money ($1500)! He's been reported to the police but they can't do anything about it cause he's in China and it's over over the Internet. SO glad we never sent the money.

Monday, June 16, 2008


We're here!

But not really... still homeless.

There is not even a chance we might get the new military housing. It's so full and nobody has even put in a 30-day notice that they're leaving. We looked at the old military housing today and I started crying when I saw the kitchen. Seriously.

We found one house near where Justin will be going to school that we're hoping works out. But it won't even be available until July 4. So we might be living in this hotel until then. Ah!

But Monterey is cool. So much to do, see, eat, shop. I don't know where to start.

So I'm not complaining!

But if I were you I wouldn't check my blog for at least a week... I won't have our comp to download pictures until who knows when?!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Always a sucker for the generational pic.

Justin's grandpa is about to turn 93!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Welcome Home?

So Justin's brother Brett came home from his mission Wednesday...

It was such a happy occassion.

But then he did this to Drew at a celebration in his honor:

So I'm pretty sure he can go back to Mexico.

Him and his maracas.

Ghetto Jacuzzi

Seriously... name any random thing and my dad probably has it somewhere in the backyard.

The jacuzzi was given to him from a guy at work who was upgrading... hmmm wonder why?

The heat pump doesn't work so it's a play pool for summer.

Qui-Gon Who? Jabba the What?

The weirdest thing came out of my mouth the other day...."I think I want to watch Star Wars."

The only cool thing about me is that I haven't watched any one of the 6 Star Wars movies. They were always such a turn-off. But I can't help it, Owen's addiction is contagious! Who knows how he got hooked, Justin's not die-hard but he's seen them at least. And when I said I was ready to start watching he & my mom started debating if I should start with #4 like the rest of the world or watch them in order. I think #4 won.

Now for Owen & Drew vs. Weird Al

Holding Sally

Pappa 5/24

Nonnie 5/25

Cousin Briant 5/26

Grandpa 5/26

Great Grandma 5/26

Cousin Jones 5/30

Aunt Tami 6/1

Cousin Emma 6/1

Cousin Brook 6/1

Aunt Rachel 6/2

Uncle Brett 6/7

Aunt Bethany 6/7

Grandma 6/8

And lots more I didn't get pictures of. She gets around.

Root Beer Bong

This is also how we are on a Sunday after church (last Sunday):

My brothers Brent versus Derek.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Belly Shirts and Boogers

This is how we are on a Sunday after church.

Here are ALL 13 of my parents' grandchildren.

Clockwise starting with Sally: Brook (Tami/Jay), Max (Karen/Jared), James (Tami/Jay), Janna (Tami/Jay), Jones (Brent/Errin), Briant (Karen/Jared), Abbey (Tami/Jay), Lilly (Tami/Jay), Emma (Tami/Jay), Bob (Tami/Jay), Drew, Owen