Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Visitors


Brett & Yamina (Justin's brother and his wife) were in town for their first anniversary.
After Justin rescued them from their little breakdown 1 1/2 hours away,
 we had fun meeting up with them for dinners and the beach.

While we were at dinner with them Saturday night,
I heard from Denise that they were on their way (which I was expecting)
but with Colee, Tyler, and Caden, too.
I offered, but was nervous about having space for everyone to be comfortable.
But it totally worked out, and it was fun!
5/26 early in the morning
Denise, Drew, Allie, Kenna, and Mackenzie slept on the floor.
(Drew was in heaven with all that attention and probably got an earful of girl talk)
Darla was on the couch.
And Colee's family got Sally's room.

The group (minus Tyler) before church.
Sally whispered to me, "Why do they look the same?" about Denise and Darla.
(my aunts who are obviously twins)

They taught us a new game: King of Tokyo.
Owen was way into it and is dying for us to get it.
Before they left for home, we had lunch at Harney Sushi in Oceanside.
Denise is the sushi lover.
Darla, not so much.
The raw fish and seaweed didn't settle well.
She had to run across the street to get some Dairy Queen.

They were the last visitors we'll have in this house.
We only have 2 more weeks here...sad.
Packing time.

The Wedge


 Owen's car is in the middle.

And it did well!

4th overall.

Don't be surprised if you see another wedge from Owen next year.

And the year after.

Leo Carrillo Ranch


Between different schools, wards, friends, etc. we haven't been seeing enough of Brent & Errin's family.

It made me happy when Errin suggested we go to Leo Carrillo Ranch last week.

The weather was perfect and we were pretty much the only ones there.

After walking around, we camped out on the grass.

Some peacocks joined us while Jones and Sally played house.

We kind of all just want to move there.


Sally is obsessed with pregnant ladies and their bellies.
- At church, she always turns to the picture of pregnant Mary and just stares at it.
- Couldn't keep her away from my own belly when August was in there.
- At the library she has to check out any book she sees with a pregnant lady on it. 

And then there's the party that happens when the babies come out.




6/1 - Closing Day

Owen's baseball season came to an end tonight when they lost their 2nd playoff game.
It was such a close, tense game.
Major bummer when we lost.
Owen was so sad.

The top pictures were taken after a winning game.
Owen even got a homerun that game.
Nevermind that it was 100% off the other team's errors.

Win or lose, he always looks cute in his Yankee uniform.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

"Muffins for Mommies" with Drew's class at school.
He was so cute and excited to have August and me there.
 I loved having him read me his fill in the blank Mother's Day form.
Those things never get old.
It highlighted my strong points, like that I really like to play my iphone,
I always forget to feed the baby,
and that I'm as tall as Parker in his class.
 Mother's Day morning I woke up to the mother of all bouquets.
Justin and Sally chose everything and put it together.
It's so heavy, it has to be moved around on Justin's shop chair.

Protecting himself from those nasty onion fumes.
He made Pioneer Woman's Red Pepper Pasta and it was good.

 The end of the day and had to get a quick picture before I went to a song practice.
They and Justin made my day happy.

Favorites from Sally's and Owen's cards:

Sally loves me because I make her Ramen.
On the family card that everyone signed I saw the word, "TOOT" crossed out.
She had written that telling Justin she only knows how to spell toot, poo, and mom.

Owen wishes I could fly.
He gave me a service coupon for babysitting August.
Justin said he did awesome with August the whole time I was at song practice.
He is great with him all the time.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Wiggliness of Worms

 Today I just let August go at it in the sand.

 I was hoping he'd taste it, realize it was gross, and then never eat it again.

But he went back for seconds.

 And fourthsfifthssixthsseventhseighthsandninths.

He'll lick his sandy lips, yet spits out his green beans.

While he was dining Sally made a village.

And Drew gave me some early Mother's Day wishes.

I love Mother's Day.

We ended with more sissy tests courtesy of Justin.

 He keeps forgetting we don't have insurance.

*Post title from this quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley:
"Find joy in your children. Don't over-schedule them or yourself. You may not be able to take them on exotic vacations. It doesn't matter. When the day dawns bright and sunny, take an excursion to the canyon or the park. When it's cloudy and wet, read a book together or make something good to eat. Give them time to explore and learn about the feel of grass and the wiggliness of worms."

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Time and a Season

 I love my baby and I love the beach.
But taking my baby to the beach is not relaxing.
It's so much better when Justin gets there.

These 3, I'll take to the beach anytime.


Saturday, May 04, 2013

April Photo Dump

 Drew at his best school friend Lazo's house.
He was THRILLED to celebrate Lazo's birthday with him.
And yes, he wears that dang Skylanders shirt to school twice a week.
And yes, he always picks the biggest kid in class to be friends with.


At Boston Market for Justin's birthday dinner, August was teething(?) on Justin's cup.
Is this as funny to you as it was to me?
Probably not.
Car seat no longer necessary for shopping.
 Based on the state of the boys' room and Drew's nasty pillowcase-less pillow,
I'm embarrassed to be posting this picture.
But this is how Drew sleeps.
He would rather sleep on the hard floor than his own bed.
He's afraid a monster is going to come out of the wall.
So Sally sleeps on his bed.
Which means all 4 kids are sleeping in the same room.
 And whether or not, he's on his bed or the floor, Drew loves to be all covered up.

 Got this one off Justin's phone.
They entertained themselves at A Bugs Land land while we did Tower of Terror.

Make-up application with Sally.
A freshly bathed boy and Mickey's nose.