Saturday, May 04, 2013

April Photo Dump

 Drew at his best school friend Lazo's house.
He was THRILLED to celebrate Lazo's birthday with him.
And yes, he wears that dang Skylanders shirt to school twice a week.
And yes, he always picks the biggest kid in class to be friends with.


At Boston Market for Justin's birthday dinner, August was teething(?) on Justin's cup.
Is this as funny to you as it was to me?
Probably not.
Car seat no longer necessary for shopping.
 Based on the state of the boys' room and Drew's nasty pillowcase-less pillow,
I'm embarrassed to be posting this picture.
But this is how Drew sleeps.
He would rather sleep on the hard floor than his own bed.
He's afraid a monster is going to come out of the wall.
So Sally sleeps on his bed.
Which means all 4 kids are sleeping in the same room.
 And whether or not, he's on his bed or the floor, Drew loves to be all covered up.

 Got this one off Justin's phone.
They entertained themselves at A Bugs Land land while we did Tower of Terror.

Make-up application with Sally.
A freshly bathed boy and Mickey's nose.


jamiebarazoto said...

i like that he always picks the biggest kid to be friends with. safety first.

Rachel said...

Hahah Jacob and I couldn't stop laughing at Drew picking the biggest kid to be friends with. I have grapefruit in my fridge straight from grandma's tree.. come and eat it with me! And what the Sally with a tiny person cart? How does she have that, it's wonderful!

brentanderrin said...

I need to read your blog more often! There is a lot of funny business going on here!!! (;