Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

"Muffins for Mommies" with Drew's class at school.
He was so cute and excited to have August and me there.
 I loved having him read me his fill in the blank Mother's Day form.
Those things never get old.
It highlighted my strong points, like that I really like to play my iphone,
I always forget to feed the baby,
and that I'm as tall as Parker in his class.
 Mother's Day morning I woke up to the mother of all bouquets.
Justin and Sally chose everything and put it together.
It's so heavy, it has to be moved around on Justin's shop chair.

Protecting himself from those nasty onion fumes.
He made Pioneer Woman's Red Pepper Pasta and it was good.

 The end of the day and had to get a quick picture before I went to a song practice.
They and Justin made my day happy.

Favorites from Sally's and Owen's cards:

Sally loves me because I make her Ramen.
On the family card that everyone signed I saw the word, "TOOT" crossed out.
She had written that telling Justin she only knows how to spell toot, poo, and mom.

Owen wishes I could fly.
He gave me a service coupon for babysitting August.
Justin said he did awesome with August the whole time I was at song practice.
He is great with him all the time.


stephanie said...

you have such a wonderful family, shauna. i'm glad you had a happy mother's day!

Rachel said...

Hahahah Sally. Of course those are the only words she can spell. Also the pic of you with the kids. Drew's shirt looks like it is popping out of the picture on the left side. Pretty cool. I like August's outift. I like your giant bouquet.

Evaly said...

Hilarious and sweet. You are a great mama.

The Watkins said...

Awww. Owen even gave you a real smile.