Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaf Print Eggs

Wrapped in nylons and ready to dye.

After the dye:

Got the idea from Family Fun.
Even though nobody is smiling, it was fun for our family.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break Report Card

Walking in their room to see them sleeping together (do they miss it?)
A+ for tenderness


Sneaking up on an otter (he's laying next to the water)
A for being on the same beach as an otter.
D for Drew's ability to sneak quietly.

Boat Watching
Depends on who you ask, to Sally it's an A.

Crab in bucket watching
See above comment, an A from these 2 (these aren't all A's I promise).

Friendly Mexicans showing off their catch
A+. I liked that guy.
Justin asked him a few times if he ate the crabs.
He said no.
Then a few minutes later said they make good food.
We need to learn Spanish.

The famous Moss Landing bargain produce stand with 10 artichokes for $1.
Said artichokes - D.
They are miniscule. And that day they were 7 for $1. Jip!
Overall selection/value - C
(that day anyway...anything that was priced good was borderline rotten)


D. I do not want to see unexpected snow in spring break.
I want to see SPRING in spring break.
Once I got over the fact that we were dealing w/snow
(yes, we had checked the weather and it said nothing about leftover snow)
it was okay.

The kids were the happy ones about the snow.

Blurry & overexposed but this view was so amazing in person.

Giant Sequoias
B. They were cool but I was picturing them to be all over the place,
like a huge giant forest that would make me feel tiny.

The largest tree in the world
An A. Would've been an A+ if I had known that when we were there.
I was dealing with a tired and wet Drew who was ready to go.

Getting thrown up on by a carsick Drew - major F.
Driving through Fresno and Visalia, two of Justin's mission areas
(and seeing where he lived in Visalia) - A.
Being in the car 9-10 hours in one day - C.

Embracing, not fighting the curls

Owen's first paying job by a VERY generous neighbor - A+
We even benefited from the payment.

A Bonfire
Company - A
Wind/Cold - C
Food - C+
(sandy hot dogs aren't good but s'mores are)
A Sad Owen - D
(he had the saddest meltdown thinking about Justin leaving
for some unaccompanied training in TX)

Playing happily


We were led on a walking tour up that mountain trail you see on the left. It was overall awesome so I'll just skip grading every little detail. The weather, whales, views, everything at the top, and getting to do something I've wanted to do for a year more than made up for having to keep Sally on the trail (very strict about staying on it cause it's a private ranch). And the kids who weren't so into the ongoing history lesson we were given on the way up.
So overall it gets a big fat A+.
Definitely the highlight of the week.

Right by the road, couldn't resist.

Halle even tried to keep her on the trail.

In front of the lighthouse tower.
We obviously were not in a fashion show that day.

Lighthouse tower stairs.

The light (and our docent).

Views from the top:

Had to have proof we saw whales.
It fulfilled my wish of seeing them from land.
Whale watching from land is SO much better than seasick whale watching by boat.
Not sure how many different whales we saw but our docent said they were grays.
A mama whale with the calves she had given birth to in Mexico
were migrating from there to Alaska.
Oh and we saw a pod of dolphins and some sea lions.

And now onto week TWO of spring break.
Justin's back to work though so it will include a lot of Wii playing and park visits.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Pictures

Thank you Shelly!

And Sarah, Lindsey, and Karen for help in the wardrobe department.

And MAC for my fake eyelashes.