Friday, February 03, 2017

Halloween 2016

Trunk or Treat 10.28

Justin added a wig, sunglasses, and strap-on stereo to his tall-man costume from last year.
This year he called himself, "The Party."
He fascinated and scared at the ward party, Sarah's Halloween party,
and while walking the streets on Halloween night.

Sarah's Party 10.29

Sarah went all out for a Halloween party she hosted for some middle schoolers.

While most of the kids could be found carving pumpkins, Owen and Ryan were bottle flipping.

For the school Halloween parade, we threw together a last-minute upside down man.

Hard to see the details in this picture, but it was pretty funny.

Sally's flapper costume ended up driving her crazy, and she stopped wearing the necklaces, headpiece, and feather boa.

Thanks to Erica hanging out with August, I got to help at Sally's class party.

For Drew's 3rd costume of the season, he went with the classic ghost.
(his first costume (not pictured) was a baseball player for the trunk or treat)
Owen was Iron Juan, inspired by David Lopez vines.
August the Ninja.
And Sally the flapper.

We trick or treated all over PG and kids came home with a haul.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

A Vist from Erica

Erica came our way with plans to do the zombie run like last year.
Only thing is, we missed the registration deadline, so that didn't happen.
Sorry Erica!
Hopefully our other offerings were okay:
Wagon Wheel for breakfast.
Hacienda Hay & Feed's hay maze.
Earthbound Farms, which is extra cute in the fall.
Carmel Beach (not pictured).
Roaring Camp Railroads (train ride through redwoods).
A visit to the mystery spot.
And a last minute thrift store trip to find a costume for photos in the forest.

She was also awesome and hung out with the younger kids
while Justin and I were with Owen at a Halloween party.

Love when she comes to visit.


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A Teenager

This is a sorry group of pictures to represent Owen's birthday, but they're all I've got.

Justin had class in SF after work, so we only got to celebrate with him during morning gift opening.

Owen had a half day at school, so we spent the afternoon at the beach.

Pretty much how we celebrated last year
(with 2 notable absences: 9 square in the air and my parents).

His birthday food requests were:
Bean Burros from Papa Chevos
Homemade Choc Chip Cookies
Pizza My Heart
And Coldstone Creamery (where he got that churro concoction).

Looking through these pictures makes me realize we never officially sang to him with candles.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Halloween Portraits

Tes as a fox and Meg as a bird.

Sally as a flapper.

Elliott as Ant Man.

 Zoey as Rey.

And Matias as Foxy from the game Five Nights at Freddies.

Love the painting his mom, Gaby, did:

Had fun doing these Halloween portraits and finally put together a website for my photo business.

Here's the link:

Someday I will buy a domain and get rid of that tacky site address.