Sunday, September 17, 2017


I'm kind of fascinated with all the wild mushrooms that grow around here.

Auggie is only into smashing them. And eating his Red Vines.


A Sister for Sally

The day after we got home from Wyoming,
cousin Payten flew in for the last weekend of winter break.
Perks of being a pilot's daughter.

We showed her a good time including:
Home-made shaved ice (using Sally's new Christmas present)
Beach (even though it was cold)
Aquarium (where they got dolphin best friend necklaces)
Swimming @ the sports center (not pictured)
Taco Bell w friends
Myo frozen yogurt
and a rousing rendition of Eat It or Wear It


Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Snowy New Year

Logan, UT

Left the day after Christmas for some snow.
Spent a lovely day in Providence (Logan) with Justin's family.
Snow is so pretty!!!
Love being a winter visitor, couldn't handle living in it.
Kids had a fun day sledding and jacuzzi-ing.
Had our first visit to Swig (where Justin looked real nice in a button up and joggers).

Star Valley Ranch, WY

Traditional Christmas books with money from Grandma and Grandpa.

The best part of Legos: the people and the weapons.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Taking pictures of Justin taking selfies is my favorite.

The Tetons and a moose up close in one day? Yes please.


Oh, just filming a live Facebook video in the Tetons.

Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

 New Year's Eve got crazy with puzzles and more of Justin's live Instagram videos.

Mom and Dad gave an awesome FHE about angels.
On our drive there, we had escaped being hit by a tire barreling down the freeway.
I had felt like angels were with us.

Thank you to Jason and Candace for hosting us at Candace's parents' awesome cabin.
It was beautiful, cousins had so much fun together, and we ate real good.
Still waiting for our invite for this year...

Homeward Bound

After we got a hole in our tire and spent hours getting it fixed, we spent the night in Reno.
Chains were required to go through Tahoe the next day.
Hired this guy to help us chain virgins put ours on and he was a grump.
Even with the crazy long drive and hang-ups on the way home, it was so worth it.

Just more of the pretty snow, this time from Tahoe.