Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day by the Bay


All I wanted before school started back up was a little family adventure, just us.

Justin had an appointment with either FBI or Homeland Security in SF so we all tagged along.
(still moving along with both of those as possible employment options)

There was MUCH whining on the kids' part, but the pay-off was worth it.

After a drive down Lombard Street, we discovered Chrissy Beach.

Pretty views, no crowds, and free parking. Awesome.

They found a bunch of green stones that they were convinced were jade. Nope.

And had a little PB&J picnic.
That's Alcatraz in the background.

We got free admission to the Walt Disney museum thanks to the military.
He's won just a few Oscars.

This music station and the miniature replica of Disneyland were the favorites.
We were glad it was free.
Lots of reading and not a lot of hands on stuff.
Would recommend for an extreme Disney lover, or anyone else who can get in for free.

We attempted Muir Woods, but the parking lot was full.
So we visited West Elm, ate In n Out, and called it a day.

Monday, January 16, 2017


The boys were on a huge fishing kick for awhile.

Went out multiple times and never caught anything except seaweed and crabs.

How do you feel about that Auggie?


Thursday, January 05, 2017

Ladybugs and Good-byes

Sadly, how they best get along.

Auggie and I spent a Saturday morning at Earthbound Farms.
It included lots of bugs.

And raspberries.

There weren't enough on the vines, so we bought some more from their store.

And they got inspected.

My finest moment.

Wish I could claim this work of art as my own, but no.
It was fun watching this creation.

I will never not appreciate a warm beach day here.

Sally and I went back for a second year to the Bach Festival Family Concert.
So good.

Later that day we met Brent & Errin's family at Salinas City BBQ.
They were passing through on their way home from their Seattle RV trip.

Birds need walks, too.

Got to have the Carter kids over while their family packed up for their big move.
Reed is Auggie's best bud and Angie is one of mine.
Sad to see them go.

Good-bye bowling party for the Carters.

And a few days later we had a good-bye beach party for the Barrs.
And Justin's pants ripped.

And the kids were pyros.

The after party at the Laflans was one of the funniest nights of my life.

This picture represents us attending the Feast of Lanterns.
Sally, Tes, and Meg created this work of art while waiting for the fireworks.

End of July and August still didn't love Sunbeams.
His favorite teacher had gotten released...sad day.
The sub rewarded his good behavior with a zucchini, which was a lesson prop.
Made his day.

One last good-bye gathering with the Barrs.
Monique loves the kids and they love her back.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Eat It or Wear It


Spent a couple days in Southern CA on our way home from AZ.

Got to be there for Ellis's birthday and participate in all her birthday requests,
which conveniently are some of our favorites too:

Beach Break for Breakfast
Sprinkles for Cupcakes
Chik Fil A for Dinner

We were too full/ran out of time for her lunch request of That Pizza Place.

The swimming portion of our day included our long-lost friends, the Laytons.
So happy to see them again and spend the afternoon at their community pool.
Kids picked up right where they left off 3 years ago.

Shout out to Chik Fil A:
The one thing Sally wanted was a fruit parfait and that was the one thing they forgot in our order.
Didn't notice the error till we got back to Errin's.
Called and within 1/2 hour they delivered:
a parfait, 2 warm choc chip cookies, and vouchers for 2 free meals.
Chik Fil A needs to come to Monterey.

Too full/tired on E's birthday for cake, so that happened Sunday after church.

As did games of Spoons.

And then Errin introduced us to...
Eat It or Wear It
How it works:
Create an assortment of disgusting and not disgusting foods/condiments.
Number each one.
Put coordinating numbers in a hat.
Kids draw a number.
Then decide if they want to eat a spoonful of the item that matches the number they drew...
or get the entire contents dumped on their head.

Our tray included:
Soy sauce
Lime juice
Worcestershire sauce
Canned chicken
Spicy avocado hummus

Most of the items, the kids would've totally eaten,
but the idea of it getting dumped on them was more fun.

Please enjoy many pictures:

My personal favorite.

The boys' clean-up wasn't too bad,
but Sally and Ellis had expired spicy avocado hummus all in their hair that didn't want to come out.

Watermelon > All of the Above Items

Not pictured: Took Drew, Jones, and Auggie to Scooter Farm and the 
Clairemont Skate Park in San Diego.
Drew had been looking forward to visiting both places forever and was probably a little let down.
Scooter Farm was tiny.
The skate park was super crowded with too much cussing.
He was wishing for Kids That Rip the whole time.