Thursday, October 05, 2017

Sister Trip

Way back in January, 5 out of the 7 Martindale sisters + in-laws met up for a SoCal weekend.

Errin and Tami weren't up to the trip in their pregnant states,
but we did get to spend a fun night at Errin's house (sadly no pictures)

Harry Potter World at Universal Studios was pretty awesome, especially in our matching ponchos.
The rain was a damper except for the fact that there were NO lines.
Sorry you all didn't have rain boots!
I was the only one with non pruny feet.

Warm butterbeer lived up to the hype.

The food we ate there was not exciting except for Candace's warm apple pie, which was amazing.
My sticky toffee pudding was good, but not compared to the pie.

Loved all the shops in Diagon Alley.

The rest of Universal was less exciting, but we loved/hated the scary Walking Dead experience.

And we loved/LOVED Candace and Rachel dancing with Scooby and Velma.
Makes me laugh every time.

Day 2 consisted of:
Eat Chow for breakfast
Beach (cold)
Italian dinner (that we all loved, esp the nice old man who bought us drinks)
Watching Hidden Figures from the front row of the theatre (so good)


This weekend was seriously good for my soul. Love my sisters!

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