Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scenes from a Stress-Free Weekend

2/19 - dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Justin's Arabic classmates and teachers.

2/21 - visit to the Heywood's ranch

K taking 3 kids to dinner isn't entirely stress-free (esp. when food took literally an hour after it was ordered to be brought out).

But we are totally free of school stress for the first time in almost 2 years.

We found out that Justin got a waiver!

He was close to passing, but didn't. Getting a waiver is just like he passed. He got it because of his good reputation and leadership skills. And because of prayers. They work. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Official test scores come out tomorrow but it's looking like we'll be praying for a waiver or for 2 more months to retest. Lots of what-ifs at the moment! In the meantime, I'm looking through the picture archives. Above is from our visit to a new part of Monastery Beach that Danna introduced us to. Loved that stair path. Actually, I loved everything about that place.

Except when Drew got his hands on a shovel.

Not sure why I like this picture...Sally holding a wipe. Hmmm.

Danna had a cute little Valentine's Party for the kids. I made these ring-pop topped cupcakes.

They were used for a cupcake walk.

There was also edible necklace making.

And lots of overall cuteness (tons of details I didn't get pictures of).

Sally and her crazy hair attempted eating a huge Hershey's Kiss on Valentine's Day.
They each got one of those and the boys got a Tech Deck skateboard. Owen told me he almost cried when he saw it. He's not always that sincere but I like it when he is.

We got to explore Fort Ord Dunes State Park with the Laflans. It was just recently opened to the public. Way cool...walked through a little canyon of dunes (that some boogie boarded down) to get to the ocean. The waves were super huge that day. It was also SO cold.


The boys finally got their bunk beds we've been meaning to get ever since we moved here. They've been sharing a queen...not even sure why but it was working. Drew's still adjusting to life on a twin.

Justin picked up free bunk beds that they were getting rid of from the barracks on base....didn't quite work out (they were extra-long twins which we found out after buying regular twin mattresses from an all-sales final mattress store) so we ended up with these not-so-free ones.

My friend/name twin (we have the same first and middle names, both have sisters named Tami, and our daughters names rhyme...Sally & Halle) had baby #2!

Miss Myah Marie.

Today we visited Monastery Beach once again. That would be fog.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's the Day

Justin's listening portion of the DLPT is today.

The DLPT (defense language proficiency test) is the final qualifying exam for Arabic.

It's a big deal.

He did speaking last Thursday...felt good about it.

Reading is tomorrow...feels good about it.

Listening is the toughest one.

Thank you to everyone that's been praying (and more) for him.

He feels it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cole, Derek, Rachel, and Jason

Just saw this Valentine's picture on Rachel's Facebook and I love it.

These are all my siblings living at home.

The end 2 are available.

Okay Rachel dates lots of guys but her heart is not available :)

Rachel do you like me?

Oh and Cole is 12 so go for Jason.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Kiss

I'm still waiting for mine Drew.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hugs & Kisses

People here are really good at throwing parties.
I'm really good at going to them.
This one was for Shawna and her future baby.
I made the pink cake.
Wish I could take credit for the cute girl on it (Melissa) and the cake stand (Jaime).

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Monterey vs. Augusta

Sally decorated me with her Trader Joe's stickers today.

I just realized the nearest TJ's will be 2 hours away from me in Georgia.

That makes me sad.

I've gotten addicted to having one up the street ever since Stephanie O walked me through it last year and showed me all her favorite things.

My #1 favorite is their French Village Cream Line yogurt.

It's even more my favorite since Danna introduced me to this Pinkberry knock-off recipe. She figured out to use plain yogurt + their alcohol-free vanilla to get the best taste.

In other, "Augusta has a lot to live up to" news...

We'll be 2 hours away from the beach. We've been spoiled to be near one the last 6 years. We'll miss it BAD.
We went there today to get the sickies out of the house and not infect anyone.

Drew has a cough/stuffy nose (and a dirty face)

and Sally has a runny nose (and crazy hair).

K but really I'm excited to explore the south. Might take some adjusting. But it won't be hard to adjust to having living space again. And a backyard! And a full size dining table IN the house! Plus I have a few more months to enjoy it here before I get all sappy.

PS Thank you to whatever trees these are blossoming with pink flowers and being all pretty.
Pink flowers + Darth Vader is an interesting combo.