Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scouting the Lighthouse

The ocean makes everything better.

Especially scouting events.

Love that we got to join Monterey 1st Ward for a flag ceremony at Point PiƱos Lighthouse.

The views there are pretty awesome.

This was Drew's first event as an official 8-year-old Cub Scouter.

Which also included a quick romp in the field with some more wild callas.


Raindrops Were Falling on His Head

Also, it was fun to have my picture chosen for Photo of the Week on Blog Monterey.

And we kicked off spring break with sand diapers at the beach.

PS Have you seen this commercial?

August is obsessed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mostly Proud Moments

So proud.

Picture Day: lined up shortest to tallest.
Drew is always first in line with that arrangement.

Oh blessed day.
First day of nursery was a success.
He literally ran in, didn't blink twice when we left, and didn't notice us at the end for pick-up.
Too busy going down the slide.
Afterwards he was more hyper than I've ever seen him.
Nursery high.

Today Drew's class had a field trip to the aquarium.
But Drew was more excited for the bus ride than the aquarium.
I was working for most of it, so Talen's mom sent me this cute picture from the ride.
(Talen is Drew's best friend here...which works out nicely for Sally, who has a crush on him)

I made it to the aquarium just as they were leaving.
Stayed another hour with August.
Then got to my covered parking lot to be hit with a $30 flat rate charge.
What the?!
I swear it said $3.
I normally park up the street for free, but it was pouring rain.
Bad news.

Mr. Ford

 We put a suit on Owen, combed his hair, and called him Henry Ford.

 Pretty sure Mr. Ford did not make that face.

This was how we found Owen when we went to the "Famous Person Extravaganza."
AKA living history museum in the school cafeteria.

You go around tapping the shoulder of who you want to hear from.
All the kids had their speeches memorized and it was pretty cute.


Owen was of course my favorite.
But a close second was George Washington with his baby-powdered hair.
Every time he scratched his hair a puff of powder showered down.



Justin spent last week in Oceanside doing a Reserves week at Camp Pendleton.

While there, he picked up Drew's late birthday present (we found a deal on Craig's List): Lurzy.

He spent a night with Brent and Errin, then the next day all Drew's bearded dragon dreams came true.

Heaven help me.

PS Since those first couple glorious days, little Lurzy has already lost some charm. Drew is not a fan of feeding her live food.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

River Dogs and Diamondbacks

Drew was so excited to play baseball for family night.
He got dressed in full gear, including cup, just for our little game.



Drew's team is the River Dogs (a random name that is a real Minor League team).

Owen is representing Arizona on the Diamondbacks.

We spent lots of hours Saturday watching the first games of the season.

Drew's league doesn't keep score. Seemed like a pretty close game, though.

Owen's team lost 8-0, but he did good.

The snack shack got too much of our business.

And we only lost August one time.
(found him happily playing with a lap full of balls next to the other team's dugout)

Yay for baseball season!

Drew's 8th

 One of the FIVE donuts he ate for breakfast. And lunch.

Drew stayed home from school.
We got Jamba and spent some birthday money at Target.
Later that day he wanted to go to the beach with just me.
I bribed him to dunk all the way under the freezing ocean.
And we played hide and seek (rocky area where we were).
You would've laughed if you saw us but it was fun.

Ended the day with Chilis.
And MORE Target.

Sally's 6th

 The birthday balloon tradition.

She requested the same birthday breakfast last year. And probably the year before.

with Ruby on the way to lunch.
I offered to take her out to lunch, but she chose to have me come eat with her at school.
Requested lunch was Kraft mac & cheese from home.

with Katherine and Jasmine at lunch.

 with Shyanne and Hanna at recess.

 with Shyanne finishing up that Pirate's Booty.

 with Katherine, Malia, and Hanna at recess.

 Bell-ringing birthday privilege.
I came back at the end of the day with ice cream for her class celebration.

 Crafts with Hanna and Tes after school.

 Hula hooping in her birthday high heels (for dress up only).

No cake...just wanted neapolitan ice cream.

 with Hanna and Tes at George Washington Park.

She requested the exact same day for her next birthday.

Easy to please.

But was not so easy to console at the end of the day when she was sobbing that it was over.