Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mostly Proud Moments

So proud.

Picture Day: lined up shortest to tallest.
Drew is always first in line with that arrangement.

Oh blessed day.
First day of nursery was a success.
He literally ran in, didn't blink twice when we left, and didn't notice us at the end for pick-up.
Too busy going down the slide.
Afterwards he was more hyper than I've ever seen him.
Nursery high.

Today Drew's class had a field trip to the aquarium.
But Drew was more excited for the bus ride than the aquarium.
I was working for most of it, so Talen's mom sent me this cute picture from the ride.
(Talen is Drew's best friend here...which works out nicely for Sally, who has a crush on him)

I made it to the aquarium just as they were leaving.
Stayed another hour with August.
Then got to my covered parking lot to be hit with a $30 flat rate charge.
What the?!
I swear it said $3.
I normally park up the street for free, but it was pouring rain.
Bad news.

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Evaly said...

$30??? Dang.