Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drew's 8th

 One of the FIVE donuts he ate for breakfast. And lunch.

Drew stayed home from school.
We got Jamba and spent some birthday money at Target.
Later that day he wanted to go to the beach with just me.
I bribed him to dunk all the way under the freezing ocean.
And we played hide and seek (rocky area where we were).
You would've laughed if you saw us but it was fun.

Ended the day with Chilis.
And MORE Target.


Rachel said...

Seriously amazing that he wanted to spend his birthday alone with you. That's how you know you're an awesome mom. I wish I saw you guys playing hide and seek!

The Watkins said...

I love that you make their birthday about whatever they want...instead of talking into what you want them to do on their birthday (which is what I do)

The Watkins said...

And I love that first picture of Drew. When's the baptism?

Marla Martindale said...

Much more fun birthday than my stressed-out cake decorating birthdays. My favorite picture is the selfie of you and Drew. You are both beautiful.