Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mr. Ford

 We put a suit on Owen, combed his hair, and called him Henry Ford.

 Pretty sure Mr. Ford did not make that face.

This was how we found Owen when we went to the "Famous Person Extravaganza."
AKA living history museum in the school cafeteria.

You go around tapping the shoulder of who you want to hear from.
All the kids had their speeches memorized and it was pretty cute.


Owen was of course my favorite.
But a close second was George Washington with his baby-powdered hair.
Every time he scratched his hair a puff of powder showered down.

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Torgersons said...

Henry Ford should have made that face if he didn't. I love those living museums so much. They crack me up! The baby powder hair is a genius and hilarious idea.