Monday, March 03, 2014

Calla Lilies by the Beach

A couple weeks ago Justin spied these wild calla lilies growing in our side yard.

Taking out the trash just got a lot more pretty.

Knowing that the lilies are in bloom, I took the family out on a Sunday afternoon to find the ones near Garrapata State Beach we (minus Justin) saw a few years ago with friends.

Took us about an hour to find the right trail, but just before sunset we hit the jackpot.
(the trail is right across from Doud Creek Ranch)

And wah-la!

Some Feb extras:
Choosing cards for Grandpa Lunt's 80th birthday.
He is the best card giver and never forgets a birthday for his entire posterity (which is huge).
Trader Joe's $1 cards are un-crafty me's favorite.

George Washington Park.

Looked over while helping Owen w/homework and saw this.
No broken dishes were involved.

Photo Booth has been re-discovered.

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The Watkins said...

That place looks magical. Like from a fairy tale. I love that you guys go and do.