Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Justin spent last week in Oceanside doing a Reserves week at Camp Pendleton.

While there, he picked up Drew's late birthday present (we found a deal on Craig's List): Lurzy.

He spent a night with Brent and Errin, then the next day all Drew's bearded dragon dreams came true.

Heaven help me.

PS Since those first couple glorious days, little Lurzy has already lost some charm. Drew is not a fan of feeding her live food.


Evaly said...

Ew- I do not blame Drew one bit, live food is gross!

Torgersons said...

Our bearded dragon loved crickets and acted like a psycho whenever we fed them to him. And I've said it before, but it was the poop that did me in. It probably didn't help that I was pregnant, but I'm glad that we can just visit J.J. at Loren's house and not take care of him. They're a good first pet though!

The Watkins said...

It only lasted a couple of days? We are not a huge pet family, so I hear you Drew.

Katie said...

So funny! My nephew has a regular green lizard that he found in the front yard, missing its eye from a cat attack, and he nursed it back to health and has had it in his room for about three years. He's added a cicada - which is the noisiest thing on earth, and between that and the live crickets that feed the lizard, it's like sleeping out in the jungle in his room! Boys are so crazy! Our cat lost a little bit of charm when Galina found out it would bite :) oh the joys of pets!!