Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sally's 6th

 The birthday balloon tradition.

She requested the same birthday breakfast last year. And probably the year before.

with Ruby on the way to lunch.
I offered to take her out to lunch, but she chose to have me come eat with her at school.
Requested lunch was Kraft mac & cheese from home.

with Katherine and Jasmine at lunch.

 with Shyanne and Hanna at recess.

 with Shyanne finishing up that Pirate's Booty.

 with Katherine, Malia, and Hanna at recess.

 Bell-ringing birthday privilege.
I came back at the end of the day with ice cream for her class celebration.

 Crafts with Hanna and Tes after school.

 Hula hooping in her birthday high heels (for dress up only).

No cake...just wanted neapolitan ice cream.

 with Hanna and Tes at George Washington Park.

She requested the exact same day for her next birthday.

Easy to please.

But was not so easy to console at the end of the day when she was sobbing that it was over.


Rachel said...

Can I please copy your birthday balloon tradition for my future fam? I like that she wanted you to go to school, isn't it fun to see kids at recess? She has a lot of friends! And mmmm Mac n' Cheese! Still lovin her fringe boots.

The Watkins said...

Little Miss Popular! So many cute little girl friends. My favorite is the ice cream cone pictures. Waffle cone? Yes please. You're my kind of girl Sally.

Marla Martindale said...

Love that you have photos of all her friends. Love the candle in the neopolitan ice cream. Sally is glowing on her special day.