Sunday, July 28, 2013


Justin's phone photos (and a few of mine are about to get documented).
I apologize that we have to start with this one.

This was a couple days before we left Carlsbad.
Justin had one last court of honor as 11-year-old scout leader.
Leland earned his Tenderfoot and was SO excited.
We ran his awards to his house after the meeting.
From where I was waiting in the van I could hear him hollering, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Justin said he was just the same during the court of honor.
If only we were all so excited about scouting.

Justin rode August down to Lover's Point on my bike.
One of my favorite things to do is take that baby on bike rides.
He needs to stay small enough to fit in that seat forever.

Tide pooling at Asilomar.

Those were clean dishes.

We live near a high school again.
Thank goodness, because where else would Auggie practice his headstands and wheel-barrows?

No, these are not soccer uniforms.
This is what we ended up with after a little back-to-school shopping.
Remind me to not bring them next time.

This really happened.
(reading peacefully and not pestering each-other)
And it lasted 5 minutes.
Notice Sally's skirt layering and mis-matched shirt.

From when we met Justin for lunch the other day.

Probably the most appetizing picture you've ever seen.
If you look closely you will see a random bow-tie pasta mixed in with the penne.
Silly Trader Joe's.

He woke up too early.
So I made him make me breakfast.

From the Feast of Lanterns family day last weekend.

You will never guess that whale's name, so I'll tell you.
It's Sandy.

Sally: I don't need any hangers. My shirts just poofed away!
Me: Oh really, they're not hiding in your closet or shopping cart?
S: How do you know all my secrets?

We were all happy when I finished my 2nd week of work and got to leave the house.
That kid is fearless and loves the ocean.

Sally and Tes, the queen of poses.
Yay for built-in friends.

Minutes before, he was shrieking and laughing.
I don't know how this happened, but it made me happy.

We were supposed to go to Santa Cruz, but then Owen threw up.
So...Pavel's for us, ginger ale and saltines for him.
That fork was meant to show how huge those donuts were.
They were as big as Sally's face.
That berry cream cheese croissant was worth every pound I gained eating it.

The only bibs I own are girly.
Sorry dude.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feast of Lanterns Family Day

Saturday afternoon we stopped by the Feast of Lanterns family day at the
PG Museum of Natural History.

Last time we went to that place I was not impressed.

But it's gotten a face lift, and although it's still full of taxidermy, I (actually all of us) liked it.

It's not every day we get to see a bottled whale's eye.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to Work

 Wait these beach pictures don't give the impression of work?
They were taken by Justin, who randomly had the day off from school on Tuesday.
While I was home working.
The tables have turned.

I'm doing media buying for Larry John Wright Advertising again.
(I worked for them before I was married until Owen turned 1).
But this time I'm doing job-share w/my friend Becky.
So it's 20 hours/2.5 days a week.
It's a little bit nuts working with 4 kids around,
but I'm grateful for the job (that practically fell in my lap thanks to Becky).

The above pictures were from Garrapata Beach.
We randomly stopped there when we were first here in 2008 (middle of nowhere).
Justin took them back to give me some quiet working time (it was nice).

Today, I had to get out of the house (not used to being so cooped up).
We met Justin downtown near his school for lunch.

 Notice Sally in the background mid-Pokemon battle with Owen and Drew.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Time

No school or sports for the kids.
Justin and I don't have church callings (those come Sunday).
Justin's school is going good (not too stressful yet).
And I'm not working (that starts Monday).

So before all the craziness sets in, we're enjoying the free time.

Today Justin met us at the library after school.
After getting stamps for the summer reading program,
we got on the free downtown trolley and rode it until we felt like getting off.
Our stop was by Old Fisherman's Wharf where we tried to spy jellyfish
and bought some overpriced taffy.

It was a good way to spend a day.

Sally & Bach

I don't think Sally knew what she was getting into when she said
she wanted to go to a concert with me.
But I was happy to have her as my date to an open rehearsal of the Bach Festival.

The Sunset Center is such a cool, old building.
I loved the feeling inside.
And the musicians were amazing.

Sally was interested in it for about 10 minutes...had lots of questions about the people and instruments.
But then it was "getting boring" and she had to go to the bathroom.
And after her whispers (which were quiet by the way) got shushed by the lady in front of us,
I was done, too.

So during a stage change we snuck out and explored the nearby art exhibit.
It mostly featured art influenced by Bach and the nearby coast.
We pretty much had the place to ourselves and Sally started dancing
(she would never do that in front of an audience).

Then we needed dessert.
Her request was chocolate cake (specifically from a Chinese restaurant).
But I talked her into the fondue dessert at Lalla Grill.
It was so good.
Housemade marshmallows were my favorite.

Sally said it was the best day ever.
And also, "Just so you know my bootie loves to dance."

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Still Full

Danna, my friend who I met here almost 5 years ago,
came up for a week with her family en route to their move to Hawaii.
It felt just like the good ol days and we squeezed so much (food) in.

(sharing soft serve above (which is so good, but avoid the frozen yogurt))

The herb garden is in the background.

The kids garden was new and improved.
So cute.

Love it there.

Clint & Amanda hosted lunch at their cute house.
It's on property that overlooks Pebble Beach.
The kids hunted the beach there for golf balls.
Based on Sally's bulging shirt they succeeded.

Then most of the balls got hit back to where they came from.

He left a very dirty, happy boy.

Baby buddies.

The Pace's came down for the day and we went to Wagon Wheel, then the beach.
Oatmeal pancakes and turkey avocado eggs benedict from Heaven.
Lover's Point: also a little slice of Heaven.

Lunch here.
A walk to Pavel's Bakerei (love that we can walk).
More playing here (where Lucien joined the girls' make-up party).

 Dennis the Menace Park.
The Farmer's Market (naan wraps).
 This is when the kids said good-bye.

Post good-bye bird holding @ the market.

Then that night Danna and I met up again for appetizers and dessert at Passionfish.
Appetizers were really good.
Dessert was not.
Service was horrible.
Danna is awesome.
The end.