Friday, July 12, 2013

Sally & Bach

I don't think Sally knew what she was getting into when she said
she wanted to go to a concert with me.
But I was happy to have her as my date to an open rehearsal of the Bach Festival.

The Sunset Center is such a cool, old building.
I loved the feeling inside.
And the musicians were amazing.

Sally was interested in it for about 10 minutes...had lots of questions about the people and instruments.
But then it was "getting boring" and she had to go to the bathroom.
And after her whispers (which were quiet by the way) got shushed by the lady in front of us,
I was done, too.

So during a stage change we snuck out and explored the nearby art exhibit.
It mostly featured art influenced by Bach and the nearby coast.
We pretty much had the place to ourselves and Sally started dancing
(she would never do that in front of an audience).

Then we needed dessert.
Her request was chocolate cake (specifically from a Chinese restaurant).
But I talked her into the fondue dessert at Lalla Grill.
It was so good.
Housemade marshmallows were my favorite.

Sally said it was the best day ever.
And also, "Just so you know my bootie loves to dance."

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Rachel said...

Aww mother-daughter date. That's super cute and makes my heart happy. I like that her bootie loves to dance and I especially love the dance video you posted. Jacob and I watched it over and over. She's got some moves!