Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Still Full

Danna, my friend who I met here almost 5 years ago,
came up for a week with her family en route to their move to Hawaii.
It felt just like the good ol days and we squeezed so much (food) in.

(sharing soft serve above (which is so good, but avoid the frozen yogurt))

The herb garden is in the background.

The kids garden was new and improved.
So cute.

Love it there.

Clint & Amanda hosted lunch at their cute house.
It's on property that overlooks Pebble Beach.
The kids hunted the beach there for golf balls.
Based on Sally's bulging shirt they succeeded.

Then most of the balls got hit back to where they came from.

He left a very dirty, happy boy.

Baby buddies.

The Pace's came down for the day and we went to Wagon Wheel, then the beach.
Oatmeal pancakes and turkey avocado eggs benedict from Heaven.
Lover's Point: also a little slice of Heaven.

Lunch here.
A walk to Pavel's Bakerei (love that we can walk).
More playing here (where Lucien joined the girls' make-up party).

 Dennis the Menace Park.
The Farmer's Market (naan wraps).
 This is when the kids said good-bye.

Post good-bye bird holding @ the market.

Then that night Danna and I met up again for appetizers and dessert at Passionfish.
Appetizers were really good.
Dessert was not.
Service was horrible.
Danna is awesome.
The end.

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Evaly said...

K, how do you have time for all these super fun things?? You are amazing and such a fun mom with all your outings.