Sunday, July 28, 2013


Justin's phone photos (and a few of mine are about to get documented).
I apologize that we have to start with this one.

This was a couple days before we left Carlsbad.
Justin had one last court of honor as 11-year-old scout leader.
Leland earned his Tenderfoot and was SO excited.
We ran his awards to his house after the meeting.
From where I was waiting in the van I could hear him hollering, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Justin said he was just the same during the court of honor.
If only we were all so excited about scouting.

Justin rode August down to Lover's Point on my bike.
One of my favorite things to do is take that baby on bike rides.
He needs to stay small enough to fit in that seat forever.

Tide pooling at Asilomar.

Those were clean dishes.

We live near a high school again.
Thank goodness, because where else would Auggie practice his headstands and wheel-barrows?

No, these are not soccer uniforms.
This is what we ended up with after a little back-to-school shopping.
Remind me to not bring them next time.

This really happened.
(reading peacefully and not pestering each-other)
And it lasted 5 minutes.
Notice Sally's skirt layering and mis-matched shirt.

From when we met Justin for lunch the other day.

Probably the most appetizing picture you've ever seen.
If you look closely you will see a random bow-tie pasta mixed in with the penne.
Silly Trader Joe's.

He woke up too early.
So I made him make me breakfast.

From the Feast of Lanterns family day last weekend.

You will never guess that whale's name, so I'll tell you.
It's Sandy.

Sally: I don't need any hangers. My shirts just poofed away!
Me: Oh really, they're not hiding in your closet or shopping cart?
S: How do you know all my secrets?

We were all happy when I finished my 2nd week of work and got to leave the house.
That kid is fearless and loves the ocean.

Sally and Tes, the queen of poses.
Yay for built-in friends.

Minutes before, he was shrieking and laughing.
I don't know how this happened, but it made me happy.

We were supposed to go to Santa Cruz, but then Owen threw up.
So...Pavel's for us, ginger ale and saltines for him.
That fork was meant to show how huge those donuts were.
They were as big as Sally's face.
That berry cream cheese croissant was worth every pound I gained eating it.

The only bibs I own are girly.
Sorry dude.


Evaly said...

Cute pics and cute stories!

kelli said...

LOVE the soccer uniform picture! Boys are all the same. Still laughing!