Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June Gloom

June really does bring the gloomy weather, but we go to the beach anyway.
This trip's highlight was finding an abandoned kite.

Made pancakes by themselves.
Another Cooking Class win.

Owen left for (and was not excited about) scout camp.

Got this picture from Bishop and it made me happy.

We got free tickets for a San Jose Giants game through
Had fun at the game with the Laflans.
And maybe felt a little guilty that Owen was missing out on this.
(he called from scout camp as we were driving home and was totally homesick)

Made Drew's day to get his glove autographed by their closing pitcher.

Our van was selected as the most dirty in the lot and we won a free car wash.
It definitely needed a wash, but dirtiest in the lot?! With that crowd? Ouch.

Killed time at Jack's Park in-between dentist appointments and swim.

Finally signed her up for the summer reading program and she dove right in.
Owen and Drew passed on signing up.

Their favorite Mitch was home visiting from college.


I offered to hold him or make him a cozy bed on the sand, but he just wanted to lay on the rocks.

Justin visited an elderly woman from church and came home with a pet bird.
Not the blessing from church service I was hoping for.
Anyway, meet Petey.
Petey likes Peteys.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When Cousins Visit

My cousin Lindsay's family came our way for a week in June.
Lindsay and Ryan have four fun girls.
Sally was in heaven with that scenario.

We got to have them over for Sunday dinner.

We met at the beach for kayaking.

Where Drew had fun with Ryan's GoPro
(this is him mid flip off the Lover's Point pier)

The kids discovered a huge dead crab.

Sally got to spend a night with them at their hotel.

Then join them at the aquarium the next day.


And I got to take their pictures.