Saturday, March 31, 2007

Celebrity Resemblances - Updated

According to Lindsey
She produced the picture of me, a dead ringer of Lucy.

According to a few people along the way

Lindsey also produced another look-alike picture of me as Daniel Laruso aka The Karate Kid. I think Ringo Starr is more like it. That was not my normal hairstyle I promise!


Our payday
for cleaning out
the car tape player.

Friday, March 30, 2007

There's A Bofa On My Sofa

Bofa is Dr. Seuss's best made-up word ever. It makes me laugh every time. I'm still on my Dr. Seuss kick. I like reading in rhyme. Can you name the book? According to Owen it's, "There's a pocket in my wocket."

Speaking of rhyme. I used to be a poet and it's your lucky day cause you get to read some of my best work. Even though my poems don't rhyme.

(Dec 15, 1988 5:54 15 seconds)

my dad made them up
he says you cut the hamburger,
into slice that fit a hot dog bun
we're having them for dinner.
I'm not about to eat one.

(Dec 15, 1988 8:00 15 seconds)

It's Bedtime dear
that's what my mom says
Go to sleep honey
that's what my dad says
Everybody's telling me to go to bed
is it that they don't like me?
or are they sick of kids?
Why can't I got to bed when
I'm ready?
8:00's my bedtime,
I think since I'm 9 it should
at least be 8:30 for me
I never liked bedtime
I'll just have to live with it

Thursday, March 29, 2007


This picture sums up Drew's day today.
He had his 1-year check-up that included 3 shots and a blood screening.
After the nurse pricked his finger and spent FOREVER getting all the blood she needed, she smacked on a bandaid. Despite my warning that he'd yank it right off with his teeth. Which he did. So she put on gauze wrapped w/medical tape. Then a bandaid on top of that. And MORE tape on top of that. It worked. And after 3 hours (a nap was in there) he still didn't have it off.

So I helped him remove it only to find a scene of carnage in the kitchen a little later.
Like something had been slaughtered. Okay maybe just a few large, juicy ants.
But there was a blood trail.
Bandaid is back on.

PS He is 29 1/2" and 18 lbs 12 oz (to correct myself from what I thought he was on his birthday)

PS #2 Justin took the DLAB this morning. We won't know the results for 2 weeks but he FEELS good about it. This marks the first time he's ever felt good after taking it. He wants to learn Arabic through the military and needs a score of 110 out of 120 to be eligible. The first time he took it he was 3 points short (over 3 years ago and also he only needed 100 then instead of 110). He's taken it pretty much every 6 months (the required waiting time between tests) since then and is always SO close. So hopefully 3rd (or 4th or 5th) time's a charm! Cross your fingers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I've spent the past day or 2 just browsing through people's blogs and it's so exciting finding people I know! I now need to go get those 2 days of my life back.

So Sunday.... Justin got sustained as Ward Executive Secretary. Um ya he's deploying in 4 months. I've been having issues with this big time. I'm selfish and want every free second he has before he leaves. Which isn't a lot between work and school. Sunday Owen was assigned to give the scripture in primary for the first time. He thought it was time to do it during Sacrament Meeting (primary opening exercises is in the chapel, so it's the same microphone). So I went ahead and took him up so as not to discourage him (fast & testimony meeting). He of course didn't say anything. So I just started talking and turned into a blubbering fool. But I felt a lot better after. I know it'll be a blessing somehow! Right? I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Oh and Owen did recover and said all but one line of the scripture during primary. And he said them LOUD.

I don't like the word "blog". It sounds like blah with a g on the end.

The weather's been so nice we go on long walk/stroller push/bike rides every day.
I love that Rachel (my sis) said she wants to pet Owen's helmet.

And the most exciting news... Brent & Errin are coming to visit this summer. YAY! They don't have their tickets yet so I shouldn't get my hopes up too high but I believe it's going to happen. So they do this little game I guess you could call it where they hide their used dryer sheets for each-other to find. My favorite is when Errin put it in the flap of his "underwear" and he didn't notice it until halfway through the day. That still makes me laugh so hard. Other places... the top of the deoderant lid, stuffed in the tip of shoes, just dropped on a shoulder while showering, etc. When we were there for Thanksgiving they came and hid like 20 something of these dryer sheets all in our stuff. We were finding them FOREVER. There still are some we probably haven't found. I don't have a recent picture of them together so just pretend...

Jason, Brent, Derek, and someone's hand (probably Jay)
This picture reminded me I have the best brothers! Jason is now being an awesome missionary in Tennessee and I miss his daily phone calls while he's bored driving for work. Which reminds me! Today is his pday and I need to email him! Cole isn't pictured (almost 10) but he's cool too. Owen loves his uncles and will just randomly talk about them.

Errin & Drew
(both pics from last Thanksgiving)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

High As A...

We have driven by this go-kart/bumper boat place a few times (it's almost an hour away) and it looks so cool and inviting from the road that we always want to stop. Today we finally did.

That was on our way HERE to Fort Macon, an old fort used during the Spanish-American War, Civil War, and World War II. It was built in 1800 something. Can't remember exactly. But it was very green and pretty. Justin took Owen here last year when I was in AZ for Derek and Alexa's wedding and I've been wanting to go ever since. There was a story there about a soldier who cooked bad bread that nobody could eat it was so gross. Well I think their term was "inedible." The main medical dude wanted him to be released so they wouldn't have to eat bad bread anymore. So MAYBE if Justin cooks bad bread he'll get "released!"
Anyway, in the background you can see where we headed next...

YAY! Our first beach trip of the year. We flew "The Red Baron" kite that Justin is now in love with. It was seriously fun! And relaxing in a weird way. And kind of addicting. Like I want to go back and fly a kite right now. There's this whole world of kite-flying I didn't even know existed. They have set times where people just come and fly kites together, even at night with lights on them. How fun! Kind of weird. But it'd be cool to see.

I'm so embarrassed I'm even posting this picture. But it makes me laugh.

The End.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Helmets Are Cool

Especially when they have furry lions on the side.
This was taken right after he said, "Run her over!"

Owen and his bike were destined for each-other (says Justin)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Talking About Myself

I just got this questionnaire from Robyn (my sis-in-law). If you feel so inclined, email me your answers or post in your blog! I figure I can just refer anyone to this in the next year for all the other ones I'll probably be getting :)

1. Piano Teacher (Mesa)
2. Office Assistant for Rural Metro Fire Department (Scottsdale)
3. Data Entry Processor for Franklin Covey (Provo)
4. Receptionist/Media Buyer/Research Coordinator (not all at the same time) for Larry John Wright Advertising (Mesa and from my home in Pensacola, FL and Jacksonville, NC)
5. Babysitter (my least favorite)

1. Roman Holiday
2. Elf
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original)
4. Monsters, Inc.
5. Sound of Music

1. Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa, AZ
2. Provo, UT
3. Pensacola, FL
4. Jacksonville, NC
5. We'll see within the next year... Hopefully West Coast anywhere (I like the East but it's too far from family)

1. Amazing Race
2. Bravo Reality Shows (pretty much all except Work Out). Project Runway is my favorite.
3. Take Home Chef
4. The Office
5. Survivor

1. Lake Powell (pretty much every summer growing up)
Cousin Stacie and I in 1993
2. San Francisco (honeymoon)

3. Upstate NY/Niagara Falls (1-year anniversary)
4. Nauvoo, IL (family reunion)
Carthage Jail (the window Joseph Smith fell out of after being shot)
5. Disneyland
6. New Orleans (Christmas 2003)

7. Washington DC

8. Virginia Beach
9. Las Vegas
10. Salt Lake City

1. Cherry Cheesecake
2. Shredded Beef Tacos (Gecko Grill, Mangos)
3. Cinnamon Rolls
4. Fresh Fruit
5. Chocolate

1. Arizona
2. NY
3. Italy
4. DC
5. California

Maybe someone else could answer that for me. Thing I'm most embarrassed about... acting like various animals during lunch the first day of high school. I was crazy in the head for doing that. But at the time I was confused and thought it was cool.

I walk like a duck. Not on purpose. No weird tricks though.

Shauna Banana, Dayo, Shaunie

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Things

The TLC show "Take Home Chef"
I don't know why it's so addicting. But I love watching while our dinner is cooking and wishing we were having what Curtis is making. Hmmmm... sloppy joes or home-made fettuccine?


My new iron.
No, it's not a Rowenta.
But Consumer Reports recommended this one and it was half the price as the Rowenta we were looking at. I didn't know choosing an iron was such a big deal but I seriously HATED my last one (Proctor & Silex = BAD). My new one steams so much I get a facial every time I iron.

Captain Von Trapp singing "Edelweiss."
This song has been in my head for like 2 weeks now.
I'm gonna learn it on the guitar.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Eat At Mom's

Don't worry. This isn't a public service announcement for breastfeeding. I hope not, anyway. Here in Jville they have a program called "Breastfeeding is Best." They have women that come into the hospital to help new moms with nursing. They helped me a TON with Drew (never could get it down with Owen - for him bottle-feeding was best). So anyway they have been calling to check in on our progress every now and then. They offered cheesy prizes when I reached 6 weeks and 6 months of nursing (everything with their logo). I never went to claim those rewards. But when the 1-year reward was a TARGET gift card... that got me out of my seat. I figured it'd be $5 but it was actually $15. Not bad. And plus I got this snazzy certificate! It made me laugh. Now I'm ALL DONE!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

4 Leaf Clovers

Today we went to a St. Patrick's Day Festival. This napkin was my favorite part of it, that's how bad it was (wee leprechauns get jiggy?!)

A) It was on the corner of a run-down street in downtown Jacksonville (think downtown Mesa before it started getting made over, only uglier).

B) It was 50 degrees outside.

C) I heard about it from an article in the paper that made it sound quite exciting with all sorts of vendors, and a fire truck, police car, etc. There was 1 vendor - a trailer selling hot dogs and funnel cakes. There was a fire truck - that was okay, Owen liked that but was very shy of the firemen.

D) Owen was disappointed because Patrick from SpongeBob wasn't there (it was St. PATRICK'S day so he obviously should've been there).

E) There was this bagpipe player outside. He was kind of cool. That was all the entertainment though. The rest of the festivities were inside some real estate office where they were just trying to get business with a strange assortment of green foods.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Big Day

Rachel wanted Drew to open his present while I was on the phone with her. We were playing outside and in the garage, hence the cement.

While we were singing to Drew he put out the candle with his fingers. Not sure if it hurt, he didn't cry. But he didn't want anything to do with the cake after that. His cake was supposed to be a leaf. I stress "SUPPOSED." Now you know why they can decorate their own cakes from now on.

This was my favorite part of the night... I read the story while Owen and friends acted it out. They put their arms through the posters I had made of everything the caterpillar ate through (see the wall of the next pic).

Things The Very Hungry Caterpillar Ate:
The caterpillar did NOT eat a slice of pepperoni pizza, drink lemonade, or eat crackers just FYI.

Oh and here's the whole pic from my post yesterday. I just liked that Owen is gurgling water. Probably urine water. Ew.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Then And Now

19 lbs and approximately 27 inches on his 1st Birthday

Birthday Traditions

It's naptime and I should be spending my free time preparing for Drew's party but I keep getting distracted! So I was wondering what birthday traditions you have that I can steal? We have a few...

The Birthday CD is my favorite. I made it for Owen's 1st Birthday Party. And now we listen to it whenever there's a birthday in the house.
It has:
"You Say It's Your Birthday" by The Beatles (of course)
"Happy Birthday To You" by Stevie Wonder (my favorite)
Some cool jazzy version of the birthday song
A crazy clown/kid version of the song (that's actually kind of creepy)
A different kid birthday song
"It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want To."

I wanted to use 50 Cent's "It's Your Birthday" but didn't think the kids should "sip Bacardi like it's your birthday."

Another tradition I just decided is that from now on they can decorate their own birthday cakes. Owen loved doing that last year and it was fun (versus stressful).

When I was growing up we got to pick what we wanted to eat all 3 meals; when we had an odd-numbered birthday we went out to dinner with my dad; for even birthdays we got a party (had to ration the parties with 8 kids); and last but not least we got to drink out of the birthday cup! It was a glass cup that had Peanuts (Charlie Brown) pictures all over it. I think it was some McDonald's collectible. But of course it's broken now. I think that might be why I'm obsessed with glass cups now... cause we always had to use the Tupperware ones (burnt orange and pea green) and the GLASS one was for birthdays!

Best Friends

Mother Nature and I are best friends today. It feels SO good outside. It's perfect degrees.

I wonder which half of the necklace she wants?

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Finished Product(s)

Owen's hairline in 30 years if he takes after my dad

He kept staring at his reflection in the window and smiling. At least he likes his haircut! Actually I kind of do too.

What Have I Done?

This morning, or was it last night? Justin mentioned Owen needed a haircut. Justin always does this but I did a little bit of the last one and thought, "How hard can it be?" So after breakfast I got to work. I was mostly done and was just trimming around his ear when I thought I better go over the back one more time. And ya I forgot to put the attachment on the clippers and buzzed that thick strip right down to his scalp. I freaked and just stopped right there cause I didn't want to buzz his whole head. But I'm afraid I have no other choice. Everyone here is going to think I want my son to have a military haircut. Nooooooooo!

Gopher Guy

Lucky me now has a gopher in the family to go along with the goat. Which reminds me of...
We are the gopher girls...
We always gopher guys...
They never gopher us...
I wonder why!
(act like a gopher w/buck teeth at the end)

Drew now has exactly FOUR days for that scratch on his right cheek to heal (Owen pushed him off the back deck), for the bruise above his left eye to disappear (tripped on one of my shoes), and for me to wipe his face before he will be all ready for a million birthday pictures!